Female Reproductive System

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  1. Lining of the uterus
  2. Muscular layer of theuterus
  3. Pathway along which an egg travels from the time of its release to its implantation
  4. Ligament hepling to anchor the uterus
  5. Round ligament
  6. Structure producing female hormones and gametes
  7. Homologue of the male scrotum
    The lablum minus and the lablum majus
  8. Chamber that houses the devolping fetus
  9. Canal that recieves the penis during sexual intercourse
  10. Usual site of fertilization
    Uterine tube
  11. Erects during sexual stimulation
  12. Duct through which the ovum travels to reach the uterus
    Uterine Tube
  13. Membrane that partially closes the vaginal canal
  14. Primary female reproductive organ
  15. Move to create fluid currents to draw the ovulated egg into the uterine (fallopian) tube
  16. Female duct system consists the following three:
    • Uterine (Fallopian) Tubes
    • Uterus
    • Vagina
  17. Composed of ovarian follicles (sac-licke structures)
  18. Each follicle consists of:
    • Oocyte (immature egg)
    • Follicular Cells (which surround the oocyte)
  19. Contains an immature oocyte
    Primary follicle
  20. Growing follicle with a maturing oocyte
    Graafian (vesicular) follicle
  21. This is when the egg is mature and the follicle ruptures; happens about every 28 days
  22. Ruptured follicle is transformed into what?
    Corpus luteum
  23. Secures ovary to lateral walls of the pelvis
    Suspensory ligaments
  24. Attach to the uterus
    Ovarian ligaments
  25. A fold of peritoneum, and encloses the suspensory ligament
    Broad ligament
  26. What...
    Receives the ovulated oocyte
    Provides a site for fertilization
    Attachs to the uterus
    Supported and enclosed by the broad ligament
    Uterine (Fallopian) tube
  27. This is a hollow organ that is located between the urinary bladder and rectum
  28. Name two functions of the uterus:
    • Receices and retains a fertilized egg
    • Nourishes the fertilized egg
  29. The main portion of the uterus
  30. The superior rounded region above where the uterine tube enters in the uterus
  31. The narrow outlet that protrudes the vagina in the uterus
  32. This is the inner layer of the uterus and allows for implantation of a fertilized egg as well as sloughs off if no pregnancy occurs (menses)
  33. The middle layer of smooth mucles in the uterus wall
  34. The outermost serous layer of the uterus
    Perimetrium (visceral peritoneum)
  35. Partially closes the vagina until it is ruptured
  36. What...
    Extends from the cervix to exterior of the body
    Located between the bladder and rectum
    Serves as the birth canal
    Receives the penis during sexual intercourse
  37. Name six of the external genitalia (vulva)
    • Mons pubis
    • Labia
    • Clitoris
    • Urethral orifice
    • Vaginal orifice
    • Greater vestibular glands
  38. A fatty area overlying the pubic symphysis and is covered with pubic hair after puberty
    Mons Pubis
  39. Skin folds
    • Labia;
    • Labia majora, hair-covered skin folds
    • Labia minora, delicate, hair-free folds of skin
  40. This contains erectile tissue and corresponds to the male penis
  41. The clitoris is similar to the penis in that it is...
    • Hooded by a prepuce
    • Composed of sensitive erectile tissue
    • Becomes swollen with blood during sexual excitement
  42. The total supply of eggs are present at...
  43. The ability to release eggs begin at...
  44. Reproductive ability ends at...
  45. Female stem cells found in a developing fetus
  46. Oogonia undergos what to produce primary oocytes?
  47. Primary oocytes are surrounded by cells that form...
    primary follicles in the ovary
  48. Oogonia no longer exist by the time of...
  49. What starts inside maturing follicle in which produces a secondary oocyte and the first polar body?
  50. Follicle development to the stage takes about....
    14 days
  51. Ovulation of a secondary oocyte occurs with the release of... in which secondary oocyte is released
    Luteinizing hormone (LH)
  52. An X-ray examination that detects breast cancers too small to feel and is frecommed every 2 years for women between 40 and 49 years old
  53. Central pigmented area
  54. Protruding central area of areola
  55. Internal structures that radiate around nipple
  56. Located within each lobe and contain clusters of alveolar glands
  57. Produces milk when a women is lactating
    Alveolar glands
  58. Connects alveolar glands to nipple
    Lactiferous ducts
  59. Modified sweat glands that are present in both seces, but only functions in females and produces milk and are also stimulated by sex hormones (mostly estrogens) to increase in size
    Mammary glands
  60. List six secondary sex characteristics caused by estrogens:
    • Enlargement of accessory glands
    • Development of breasts
    • Appearance of axillary and pubic hair
    • Increase in fat beneath the skin, particularly in the hips and breasts
    • Widening and lightening of the pelvis
    • Onset of menses (menstrual cycle)
  61. Progesterone does what two things?
    • Helps maintain pregnancy
    • Prepare the breasts for milk production
  62. This hormone does not contribute to the appearance of secondary sex characteristics is produced by the corpus luteum and the production of this continues until LH diminishes in the blood
  63. Days 15-28
    Levels of progesterone rise and increases the blood supply to the endometrium
    Endometrium increases in size and readies for implantation
    Secretory Stage
  64. Days 6-14
    Regeneration of functional layer of the endometrium
    Estrogen levels rise
    Ovulation occurs in the ovary at the end of this stage
    Proliferative Stage
  65. Days 105
    Functional layer of the endometrium is sloughed
    Bleeding occurs for 3-5 days
    By day 5, growing ovariam follicles are producing more estrogen
    Menstrual Phase
  66. List the three stages of the menstrual cycle:
    • Menstrual phase
    • Proliferative Stage
    • Secretory Stage
  67. _____ and _____ regulate the production of the estrogens and progesterone
    FSH and LH
  68. Female cycles are about
    28 days in length
  69. Cyclic changes of the endometrium that is regulated by the cyclic production of estrogens and progesterone
    Uterine (Menstrual) Cycle
  70. Meiosis is only completed if the egg....
    is fertilized.
  71. What is the difference between men and women sex cell size/structure?
    • Sperm are tiny, motile, and equipped with nutrients in seminal fluid
    • Egg is large, non-motile, and has nutrient reserves to nourish the embryo until implantation
  72. What is the difference between men and women with meiosis?
    • Males - produces four functional sperm
    • Females - produces one functional ovum and three polar bodies
  73. Word Bank: Broad ligament, Suspensory Ligament, Fallopian Tube, Cervix, Lablum majus, Lablum minus,Ovarian Ligament, Frimbriae, Body, Fundus,Round ligament, Sysmphsis pubis, Urinary bladder, Clitoris, Urethra, and Vagina.
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  74. Word Bank: Nipple, Areola, Lactiferous duct, Alveolar glands, Opening of latiferous duct.
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