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  1. Bunion
    Inflammation of the bursa of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (base of the big toe)
  2. Greenstick fracture
    • Similar to a hairline fracture; incomplete break - one side is broken and one side is bent
    • common in children
  3. Prosthetics
    Healthcare profession specializing in making artificial body parts
  4. Pathologic Fracture
    Fracture caused by diseased or weakened bone
  5. Talipes
    • Clubfoot
    • Congenital deformity causing misalignment of the ankle joint and foot
  6. myel/o
    bone marrow
  7. Thoracotomy
    Incision into the chest
  8. Aphonia
    no voice
  9. Dysphonia
    Abnormal voice
  10. Aspiration
    • Withdrawing fluid from a body cavity
    • Also, inhaling food, liquid or a foreign substance
  11. Hyperplasia
    Increase in the number of cells of an organ, unlike hypertrophy which increases the size of cells
  12. What is the normal number of breaths per minute?
    Tachypnea? Bradypnea?
    • Normal: 12-20
    • Tachypnea: Over 20
    • Bradypnea: under 12
  13. Pleurisy (pleuritis)
    Inflammation of the pleura characterized by sharp chest pain with each breath
  14. Pneumothorax
    Collection of air or gas in the pleural cavity which may result in a collapsed lung
  15. Cheyne-strokes respiration
    • Death Rattle
    • Abnormal breathing pattern in which there are long periods (10-60 seconds) of apnea followed by deeper, more rapid breathing
  16. Pleura
    Double layer cover lungs
  17. Pyothorax
    Pus in the chest
  18. Which gland is anterior to the heart?
  19. Laryngoplegia
    Paralysis of the voice box
  20. Oblique fracture
    Fracture at an angle to the bone
  21. Pleural Effusion
    Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity preventing the lungs from fully expanding. Physicians can detect by tapping (percussion) the chest or listening with a stethoscope (ausculation)
  22. Patent
    Open or unblocked
  23. Pleural Rub
    Grating sound make when the two layers of the pleura rub together during respiration. Caused when one pleura become thickened due to surgery or disease
  24. Sputum
    Mucus or phlegm caughed upp from the lining of the respiratory tract
  25. Pansinusitis
    Inflammation of all the sinuses
  26. Rhinitis
    Inflammation of the nose
  27. Pharyngeal
    Pertaining to the throat
  28. pleur/o
    • Pleura
    • Pleurocentesis = puncture of the pleura to withdraw fluid
  29. Sputum cytology
    Examining sputum for malignant cells
  30. Pulmonary angiography
    Injecting dye into a blood vessel for the purpose of taking an x-ray of the arteries and veins of the lungs
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