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  1. Stricture
    Narrowing of a urinary vessel
  2. Enuresis
    Involuntary discharge of urine after teh age bladder control should be established.
  3. Uremia
    Toxic waster buildup in the blood
  4. Oligurea
    Decreased production of urine
  5. -ptosis
    • Drooping
    • Nephroptosis = drooping/misplaced kidney, called a floating kidney
  6. Cystocele
    Hernia or protrusion of unrinary bladder into the vagina
  7. Renal Colic
    Pain caused by a kidney stone
  8. -dipsia
  9. What is another name for epinephrine?
  10. Kal/i
    • Potassium
    • Hypokalemia = low blood potassium levels
  11. Emesis
  12. Goiter
    Enlargement of the thyroid gland - can be caused by a lack of iodine
  13. -tropin
  14. What does the parathyroid gland do?
    Produces PTH: Parathyroid Hormone which stimulates bone breakdown when blood calcium is low
  15. Hyponatremia
    Low sodium in the blood
  16. NIDDM
    • Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
    • Type 2: Pancrease produces insulin but cells fail to respond to it
  17. crin/o
    • secrete
    • Ex: Apocrine gland
  18. IDDM
    Type I Diabetes Mellitus: usually occurs early in life when pancreas stops developing insulin
  19. How does insulin work? What cells produce it?
    Takes glucose from the blood into the tissue to decrease blood glucose levels. Beta cells create it.
  20. andr/o
  21. TFT (_________function test)
    Thyroid function test
  22. Ketoacidosis
    Acidosis due to excessive acidic ketone bodies (waste products)
  23. Heart Valve Prolapse
    Flaps of the heart valve are too loose and fail to shut tightly
  24. rhytid/o
  25. Closed (simple fracture)
    Fracture in which there is no skin wound
  26. hemangi/o
    blood vessel
  27. What is the QRS complex?
    Ventricular Systole
  28. Face down
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