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  1. Upper UTI example
  2. s/s of upper UTI
    • chills
    • fever
    • flank pain
    • fatigue
    • vomit
    • costovertebral tender on affected side
  3. lower UTI example
  4. s/s of lower UTI
    • emptying symptoms:
    • hesitancy
    • intermittency
    • postvoid dribble
    • retention /incomplete empty
    • dysuria
    • pain on urination

    • storage symptoms
    • frequency
    • urgency
    • incontinence
    • nocturia
    • nocturnal enuresis
  5. s/s of glomerulonephritis
    • hematuria (smoky / rusty color)
    • urinary excretions of various formed elements(RBC/WBC/protien/casts)
    • generalized edema
    • hypertension
    • oliguria
    • protienuria
  6. nurse care for glomerulonephritis
    • rest
    • sodium/fluid restrict
    • diuretic
    • antihypertensive therapy
    • adjust dietary protien intake to level of protienuria
  7. what is good pasture syndrome?
    • autoimmune
    • immune system makes antibodies that attack lung and kidney
  8. s/s of good pastures syndrome
    • cough blood
    • burn sensation at urination
    • fatigue
    • nausea
    • sob
    • hematuria
    • protienuria
  9. good pasture syndrome effects on lung and kidney
    • lung effect not permanent
    • damage to kidney long lasting
  10. assessment data
    • inspection:
    • skin, mouth, face, extremities, note edema, distention,masses, enlarge kidney, abdomen, wt gain/loss, general state of health
    • palpation:
    • normal kidney size not palpable ; if palpable not size contour and tenderness
    • urinary bladder not palpable unless distended with urine
    • percussion:
    • tenderness in flank area upon firm blow to area
    • normal bladder not percussible till 150 mL urine
    • if bladder full, dull shoudn heard above symphysis pubis
    • distended bladder can be percussed as high as umbilicus
    • Auscultation:
    • abdominal aorta and renal arteries ascultated for bruit (hearing abnormal murmur) which indicates impaired blood flow to kidney
  11. interstitial cystitis
    chronic painful inflammatory disease of bladder with s/s of urgency, frequency, adn pain in bladder/pelvis
  12. polycystic kidney disease
    • life threatening genetic disease
    • cysts enlarge adn destroy surrounding tissue by compression

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