Ch12 Vocabulary

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  1. ab/scess
    localized collection of pus
  2. ade/noids
    lymphatic tissue in the nasopharynx, pharyngeal tonsils
  3. al/veo/li
    air sac in lungs
  4. apex
    tip/uppermost portion of the lung
  5. ap/nea
    no breathing
  6. as/best/osis
    chronic, progressive lung disease caused by prolonged inhalation of asbestos particles
  7. asthma
    chronic respiratory disease
  8. auscultation
    listening to sounds in body
  9. bronchi
  10. bronchioles
    thin-walled, tubular extensions of a bronchus
  11. broncho/scopy
    instrument use to view interior of bronchi
  12. cilia
    thin haris attached to mucous membrane lining the respiratory tract
  13. COPD
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  14. croup
    acute viral infection in infants/children; obstruction of larynx, barking cough, stridor (causative RSV)
  15. diaphragm
    muscle separating the chest and ab
  16. diphteria
    acute infectious disease producing fever, severe prostration, and difficulty in breathing and swallowing as the result of swelling of the throat and formation of a false membrane
  17. dys/pnea
    difficult breathing
  18. edema
    excessive accumulation of fluid in tissue spaces or a body cavity
  19. em/py/ema
    puss in pleural cavity
  20. endo/tracheal
    Within or passing through the trachea
  21. epistaxis
  22. expiration
    expulsion air from lungs
  23. hemo/ptysis
    spitting up blood from lungs
  24. hemo/thorax
    blood in pleural cavity
  25. hyper/pnea
    increase depth of breathing
  26. hypo/xemia
    insufficient O2 in blood
  27. intubation
    insert tube into
  28. laryng/ectomy
    removal of larynx
  29. mediastinum
    membrane b/t the lungs in chest cav
  30. ortho/pnea
    breathing discomfort
  31. parenchyma
    tissue characteristic of an organ, as distinguished from connective or supporting tissues
  32. percussion
    tappin of surface to determine the difference in density of underlying structure
  33. pleura
    membrane surrounding the lung
  34. pneumo/con/iosis
    abnrml cond of dust in lungs
  35. pyo/thorax
    puss in pleural cavity
  36. rhino/plasty
    surg rpr of nose
  37. sputum
    mat'l expelled from chest by coughing or clearing the throat
  38. tachy/pnea
    increase rate of breathing; shallow respirations
  39. tonsill/ectomy
    removal of tonsils
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