COA History Taking

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  1. Name the nine components to ophthalmic history.
    chief complaint, present illness, past ocular history, ocular medications, general medical & surgical history, systemic medications, allergies, social history, and family history
  2. Why is it important to specifically ask a patient about the medications they are taking?
    B/c certain meds can affect the eyes.
  3. What is the proper response to a patient's request from the Ophthalmic technician for medical advice or a diagnosis?
    Refer the patient to the ophthalmologist
  4. What is the term used for the reason for the patient's visit?
    Chief complaint
  5. What elements are impt in social history taking?
    smoking, alcohol, and drug use
  6. Prior use of topical ocular pharmaceutical agents is part of a patient's _______________________
    Past ocular history
  7. Pertinent family history of a patient should include which relatives?
    Parents, grandparents, and genetic siblings
  8. A pt describing an experience of getting hives after taking sulfa drugs is providing information about ______ .
    An allergic reaction
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