COA Equip Mtn & Repair

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  1. Calibration of the applanation tonometer should be checked approx every ____ mos.
    Two (or sooner with regular use)
  2. When cleaning the goniolens, what is used to rinse off the methycellulose?
    Warm running water
  3. When replacing a light bulb ____ can diminish its effectiveness and life.
    Oil from fingers
  4. Diagnostic lenses that contact the eye can be sterilized using?
    Ethylene oxide gas
  5. How should the removable glass slides inside the American Optical acuity projector be cleaned?
    Wipe with clean, soft lint-free towel or photographic lens paper
  6. If dust accumulates on the mirror of the slit lamp, the tech may clean by using wht methods?
    Lint free cloth, lens brush, or blast of air
  7. Who should repair & maintain equip such as a laser?
    Qualified service tech
  8. Which accesories used to ck the calibration of ophthalmometer/keratometer?
    Three test balls made of steel aka "lensco meter"
  9. Wht should be used to clean the accessible lenses of a phoropter?
    Photographic lens cleaner and lens tissue
  10. Wht size letters (orotypes) are typically used to calibrate VA projectors?
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