COA Lensometry

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  1. Wht is the name of the instrument used to neutralize lenses?
    Lensometer (lensmeter)
  2. When recording prism in a spectacle Rx, wht does the abbreviation BO stand for?
    Base out
  3. Wht is determined by focusing the thin lines in a manual lensometer?
    The sphere of the spectacle Rx is determined by the thin lines
  4. Wht is the FIRST step in performing lensometry?
    Focus the eye piece
  5. If you cannot center the thick and thin lines in the lensometer, the lens has ____.
    Ground in prism
  6. Each black ring seen in the lensometer eye peice reticle measures how much prism?
    1 diopter for each ring
  7. When performing lensometry, wht is indicated if both thin and wide lines are in focus at the same time?
    The lens is spherical
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