MArine and land

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  1. Private Insurance is?
    types of insurance that are typically sold by travel agents. 40-42% commission
  2. Emergency/hospital medical insurance
    supplementary insurance covers the passenger agaist emergency sickness or accident expenses that are not recoverable by passengers provincial health plan.

    -purchased prior to departur.
  3. Deluxes Extras are? *
    • Baggage & personal Efects insurance
    • Flight Accident iinsurance
    • Travel Accident insurance
    • Rental car Physical Damage insurance.
  4. Basic package has?
    • Cancellation & interruption insurance
    • Emergency medical insurance.
  5. What two types of Insurance need to be purchased at time of deposit? and why?
    • Package Tour Insurance.
    • Trip Cancellation Insurance.

    Because-They both include Trip Cancellation Insurance.
  6. Items usually covered by most Insurance companies are?
    • Dental
    • medical appliances
    • prescriptions
    • transportation
    • Doctors bill
    • Accomadation
  7. items usually not covered by Insurance companies are?
    • Pre-exisiting conditions
    • Treatment somewhere other then Hospital
    • Pregnancy
    • Abusing medication
    • Criminal act
    • Part take in professional sports
  8. Trip Cancellation Insurance is?
    compenate for expenses incurred fom the cancellation of any travel component or package

    cancellation is the result of sickness, injury and death or jury duty. complication spouses Pregnacy in FIRST 3 Weeks of Pregnany.

    -purchased time of booking.
  9. Up grade charges
    cost to adjust accommodation will be riembursed if you decided to travel on Vacation alone.
  10. Missed connections
    reimbursed for extra cost of a one-way economy airfare. if missed at departure point due to:

    • events listed under trip cancellation
    • Delay of an Airline, bus , limousine, taxi, train ect Weather conditons
    • tour comapny issuing a schedule change
  11. The other--Trip interruption insurance
    same reasons at regular interruption insurance butmade after departure-when client is at there destination.
  12. Air Flight Accident insurance
    • coverage for flights operated by scheduled and charter airlines.
    • -Agiast accidental injury while boarding leaving or riding as a passenger.
    • may include time airport permises or approved airport transportain.
    • -Prior to departure.
  13. World-Wide Accident insurance?
    provides 24-hour coverage, world-wide against all types of accidents, including accidental death, loss of limb or sight, or permanent disability-it does not cover expenses for sickness or disease.

    -Prior to departure.
  14. Baggage & Personal effects insurance
    loss, theft, damage or disapperance of luggage & contents while in transit.

    • Exclusions: items earning an income, camera or musical instrument.
    • others: animals, contact lenses, tickets..

    -Prior to departue.
  15. Package Tour Insurance? (also known as comprehensive or all-inclusive insurance.)
    • all aspects of insurance.
    • benifits are the same as if each type of insurance was purchased individually.

    -TIME OF BOOKING -Trip cancellation
  16. Visitors to Canada inurance?
    Hospital and medical insurance (prepaid or puchased with 72 hours of arrival.) Covers a clients relatives visiting from overseas.
  17. Default of supplier insurance?
    • applies to clients loss when a travel service supplier is unable to provide the services puchased by the client, and or return the monies that have been deposited or paid for such services beacuse of insolvency or bankrupty.
    • -ONLY APPLIES IS CANCELLATION OR INTERRUPTION INSURANCE HAS BEEN PURCHASED) max paid-7500.00 includes us carriers unless part of a package.
  18. Immediate family member?
    includes all immidate family. excludes cousins.
  19. Travelling companion?
    person who is sharing travel arrangemnets with your customer, on the same tour.
  20. Pre-exsiting conditions?
    • cuasing symptoms, or treated, investigated.
    • Change in dosage during 90-day period. before departure date.
  21. Waiver ot Liability forms.
    Legally obliged to offer travel insurance. to protect yourself and agency from legal action. if a client refuses insurance . the client must sign a waiver. waiver must be clear what was offered , client declined knows the consequences.
  22. policy?
    a contract whereby a client pays a premium in return for insurance agaist a defined risk.
  23. Coverage?
    a description of the type and extent of risk that the insurance policy protects agaist.
  24. premium?
    the cost of buying insurance protection for the client.
  25. Term?
    The period of time, starting with the effective (or start) date and time , and ending with the lapse (or end) date and time of the policy, during which the policy is valid.
  26. Claim
    a loss covered by insurance policy for which notice has been given to the insurer for payment.
  27. Deductible
    that part of a loss that insurance does not cover and for which the client is personally reponsible.
  28. Estate
    The ownership of a persons assets on death. in the event of death, the surviving heirs of the deceased are legally entitled to recieve any assests
  29. Beneficiary
    the person entitled to recieve the proceeds of insurance in the event of a clients death.
  30. insured?
    the person who is insured against a defined risk
  31. Applicant
    apply for insurance and pays the premium. -could not be person who is insured.
  32. Tour operator insurance? eg (Contiki Holidays)
    • Trip cancellation/interruption-
    • allinclusive, comprehensive or package insurance.
    • -reasons: less expensive then private insurance.
    • -provides more coverage to client.

    ageny 10-15% commission
  33. What to be aware when using Credit Card insurance?
    • Length of stay
    • cancellation insurance may not be covered
    • no medical portion over 65 years of age.
  34. out of province travel medical insurance automatic protection up to 1 million for?
    • up to 2000.00 coverage
    • trips that are up to 31 days in length.

    -no coverage for age 65 and older.
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