Music Chp 16-25

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  1. What is a salon?
    Informal concerts on homes where piano was now a common instrument
  2. The Art song
    Musical setting of a poem for solo voices and piano accompaniment
  3. Describe the strophic form
    All stropes (verses) sung to the same music
  4. Describe the thorough composed form
    All verses sung to new music
  5. Describe the modified strophic form
    Various repeated melodies with melodies for verses
  6. Where was Schubert born and died
  7. Who did Schubert receive violin and piano lessons from?
    His father and brother
  8. What was Schubert's job title?
    School orchestr violinist, conductor
  9. In what year did Schubert composed his first symphony?
  10. What did Schubert go to school to train to be?
    A primary school teacher
  11. What was Schubert's dying wish
    To be buried next to Beethoven
  12. What year was Schubert born and died
  13. About how many works did Schubert compose between 1811 and 1828
    One thousand
  14. How many symphonies did Schubert compose
  15. What was Schubert best remembered for
    Writing 600 + lieder
  16. What was Robert and Clara Schumann
  17. What was Robert Schumann best known for
    His lieders and song cycles
  18. How many children did the Schumanns have
  19. At what age did Robert Schumann die
  20. What condition did Robert Schumann have
    Depression that led him to be placed in an asylum
  21. One of the first women to tour internationally
    Clara Schumann
  22. How many keys are in todays piano
  23. What piano was developed about 1840
  24. Two most prominent romantic era pianist and composer
    Chopin and Liszt
  25. Where was Chopin born
    Warsaw, Poland
  26. Where was Liszt born
  27. Liszt and Chopin's personality was the sam T or F
    False They were polar opposites
  28. He loved playing to large audiences and dramatized his playing
  29. Early Romantic program music composer
    Hector Berlioz
  30. Where did Berlioz grow up
    In a small French town
  31. Where did Berlioz father send him to school
    Medical school in Paris
  32. What award did Berlioz win?
    Prix de Rome
  33. What composer wrote the "Symphonie fantastique"
  34. How many movements did the Symphonie fantastique program symphony have
  35. What was the Symphonie fantastique based on
    Personal experience of meeting and falling in love with Harriet Smithson
  36. What is the Symphonie fantastique about
    A young musician that poisons himself with opium in lovesick despair
  37. Thematic transformation
    Changing the idee fixe in each movement
  38. What composer used ide fixe in each movement
  39. Nationalism
    Musical expression intended to emphsize character and interest of a nation
  40. First Russian composer to gain international reputation
    Peter Tchaikovsky
  41. What two styles of music did Tchaikovsky blend together
    Western European and Russian music
  42. What was one of Tchaikovsky popular concert overtures
    Romeo and Juliet
  43. Tchaikovsky acquired a benefactress named
    Nadezhda von Meck
  44. What did Von Meck do for Tchaikovsky
    Commissioned several works and paid him a fixed annuity
  45. How long was the relationship between Von Meck and Tchaikovsky
  46. Why did Tchaikovsky get married
    Because she threatened to kill herself
  47. Who did Tchaikovsky marry?
    Antonia Milyukova
  48. Why did Tchaikovsky's marriage fail
    He was gay
  49. During what time was the height of Tchaikovsky career
    1880's With symphonies and ballets performed across Europe
  50. Tchaikovsky died 9 days after what
    conducting premiere of sixth symphony
  51. What piece broke classical traditions
    Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique
  52. Symphony no 9 from the new world was composed what year
  53. Elements of what works did Symphony No. 9 have
    African American and Native American
  54. Symphony no 9 was compared to the rhythmic motive of what piece
    Beethoven's 5th symphony
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