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  1. Personal Selling
    • occurs when a company representative interacts directly with a customer or perspective customer to communicate about a good or service
    • crucial relationships with clients
    • the more complex, technical, and intangible the product, the more heavily firms rely on personal selling
  2. The Role of Personal Selling in the Marketing Mix
    • Push strategy: goal is to push the product through the cannel of distribution so that it is available to customers
    • If decision maker has higher status within the organization
    • If purchase is a new task for the customer
    • If the customer is very large
    • If the product is expensive
    • If product is a custom good or personalized service
    • trade-in products
    • Negotiation is required
  3. Two Approaches to Personal Selling
    • Transactional Selling: Putting on the Hard Sell
    • Relationship Selling: Building Long Term Customers
  4. Transactional Selling
    • A form of personal selling that focuses on making an immediate sale with little or no attempt to develop a relationship with the customer
    • high pressure, hard sell approach
    • makes us feel manipulated, resentful, and it diminishes our satisfaction and loyalty
  5. Relationship Selling
    • A form of personal selling that involves securing, developing, and maintaining a long term relationships with profitable customers
    • mutual win-win relationship wot the customer
    • converting an interested prospect into someone who is convinced that the good or service holds value to her
  6. Direct Marketing
    Efforts to gain a direct response from individual consumers (a request for further information, and/or a visit to a store or other place of business for purchase of a product
  7. Mail Order
    • Catalogs: Collection of products offered for sale and described in book form, usually consisting of product descriptions and photos
    • Direct mail: is a brochure or pamphlet offering a specific product or service at one point in time. Many Americans feel overwhelmed with direct-mail offers
    • and don’t open their “junk mail.”
  8. Telemarketing
    • Telemarketing: Direct marketing conducted over the telephone. It is more profitable for business than consumer markets
    • Do Not Call Registry
  9. Direct-response Advertising
    • Direct-response advertising: Allows consumer to respond by immediately contacting the provider with questions or an order
    • Direct-response TV (DRTV): short commercials, 30-minute-plus infomercials, and home shopping networks
    • Infomercials: are half-hour or hour commercials that resemble a talk show but in actuality are intended to sell something.
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