AP Lit & Comp Figurative Language Terms

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  1. simile
    a comparison of two different things or deas through the use of the words like or as
  2. metaphor
    a comparison without the use of like or as
  3. personification
    a kind of metaphor which gives inanimate objects or abstract ideas human characteristics
  4. hyperbole
    a deliberate, extravagant, and often outrageous exaggeration
  5. understatement (meiosis)
    the opposite of hyperbole. a kind of irony which deliberately represents something as much less than it really is
  6. paradox
    a statement which contradicts itself. It usually turns out to have a coherent meaning, and reveals a truth which is normally hidden
  7. oxymoron
    a form of paradox which combines a pair of contrary terms into a single expression
  8. pun
    a play on words which are identical or similar in sound but have sharply diverse meanings
  9. irony
    the result of a statement saying one thing while the meaning is the opposite
  10. sarcasm
    a type of irony in which a person appears to be praising something while he is actually insulting the thing
  11. antithesis
    a direct contrast of structurally parallel world groupings generally for the purpose of contrast
  12. apostrophe
    a form of personification in which the absent or dead are spoken to as if present, and the inanimate as if animate
  13. allusion
    a reference to a mythological, literary history, or Biblical person, place, or thing
  14. synecdoche (metonymy)
    a form of metaphor. In synecdoche, a part of something is used to signify the whole
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