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  1. What equipment do you need for handwashing?
    • sink
    • paper towels
    • soap
    • nail brush
  2. What is the purpose for handwashing in a hospital?
    to prevent the spread of infection (medical asepsis)
  3. What type of soap is best and why?
    liquid, the bar will be touched by everyone and sits on the sink growing germs
  4. Why do you use warm water?
    gets a good lather, less skin irritation
  5. What is considered contaminated?
    sink, soap dispenser, towel container
  6. After turning on the water and getting the temperature right, what do you do next?
    • wet hands and wrists
    • hands directed downward
    • apply soap
  7. How long should you wash your hands?
    30 seconds - longer if hands were in contact with body fluids, infectious wound, or a contaminated patient
  8. After scrubbing all surfaces of the hands and wrists, and rinsing, what do you do?
    leave water running, dry with paper towels
  9. How do you turn the water off when your finished?
    with a clean paper towel
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