Pharm, Antiviral

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  1. Is it possible to target the metabolic processes of viruses?
    No, they use host cell metabolism
  2. Why are virus infections difficult to treat?
    Often delayed until the infection is well established
  3. What are some anti-virals that are nucleoside reverse transciptase inhibitors? 3
    • Zidovudine
    • Stavudine (stampidine)
    • Lamivudine
  4. What viruses are treated with nucleoside reverse transciptase inhibitors in veterinary practice? 3
    • FeLV
    • FIV
    • Bovine Leukemia Virus
  5. Which antivirals compete with host cell triphosphates for proviral DNA synthesis and can only be given IV?
    • Zidovudine
    • Stavudine (stampidine)
    • Lamivudine
  6. What anti-virals are considered viral DNA polymerase inhibitors? 5
    • Acyclovir
    • Idoxuridine
    • Ribavirin
    • Trifluridine
    • Foscarnet
  7. Which viral DNA polymerase inhibitor is toxic to cats?
  8. Which viral DNA polymerase inhibitors are converted to monoposphate by viral thymidine kinase and are 30 times more potent against herpesvirus than host virus enzyme?
    Acyclovir analogues and prodrugs
  9. Which viral DNA polymerase inhibitors are used against EHV-1 and sometimes EHV-4, FHV, and CHV?
    Acylovir analogues and prodrugs
  10. In which animals is acyclovir oral bioavailability good? Poor?
    • Good - dogs
    • Poor - horses
  11. In which drug is used in neonatal herpesvirus infection?
  12. Which acyclovir analogue is topically administered to cats?
  13. Which acyclovir analogue has questionable efficacy in cats?
  14. Which viral DNA polymerase inhibitor is effective against Influenze A and B and herpes viruses?
  15. In which animals is Ribavirin toxic?
  16. What antivirals are considered inhibitors of coat disassembly and neuramidase inhibitors? 4
    • Amantadine
    • Rimantadine
    • Oseltamivir
    • Zanamivir
  17. What is the mechanism of action of anti-virals that are inhibitors of coat disassembly?
    M2 ion channel inhibitors
  18. Which M2 ion channel inhibitor is considered very toxic and is also used to treat pain?
  19. Which M2 ion channel inhibitor is considered safe and used to treat equine influenza?
  20. Which neuramidase/sialidase inhibitors are used to treat swine flu in humans? 2
    • Zanamivir
    • Oseltamivir
  21. What components of vaccines cause vaccine reactions?
  22. What antiviral drug falls under the class of biopharmaceuticals and immunomodulators?
  23. What drugs are produced by the body (cytokines) and used to treat viral disease in animals?
  24. Which drug has cell-cell interactions that convert the antiviral effects without the need for more drugs?
  25. Which viruses are treated with interferon? 4
    • Feline (FIP, FeLV, FIV)
    • Canine (Parvovirus)
    • Bovine (vaccinia, infectious bovine rhinotrachitis)
    • Equine (EHV-1, inflammatory airway disease)
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