Law Office Management Ch. 5

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  1. Database
    • A collection of related data items.
    • Created because the information contained in them must be accessed, organized, and used.
  2. Database Software functions:
    • Store and retrieve information easily
    • Arrange and rearrange data over and over without affecting the data itself
    • Update and change information
    • Add or delete information
    • Search for information
    • Sort and organize information
    • Print information in many different formats
  3. Database Structure
    Databases are organized into tables, fields, records, and data values.
  4. Table
    A collection of related information stored in rows and columns
  5. Field
    A column in a table that contains a category of information.
  6. Record
    A collection of fields that is treated as a unit; essentially, one row in a table.
  7. Data Value
    One item of information; the smallest piece of information in a table.
  8. Calendaring
    Recording appointments; includes personal information management
  9. Docket Control
    A legal-specific term that refers to entering, organizing, tracking, and controlling all the appointments, deadlines, and due dates for a legal organization.
  10. Case Management
    A legal term that usually encompasses functions such as docket control, deadlines, things to do, contact information by case, case notes, document assembly, document tracking by case, integrated billing, and email.
  11. Statute of Limitations
    • A law that sets a limit on the length of time a party has to file a suit.
    • If a case is filed after the statute of limitations has run (expired), the claim is barred and is dismissed as a matter of law.
  12. PIM - Personal Information Manager
    • System that consolidates a number of different tasks into one program:
    • Calendaring, Things To Do, Contact Database, Note-taking, email, etc.
    • Example: Microsoft Outlook
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