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  1. What do we call the body's specialized cells htat monitor specific internal or external conditions
    sensory receptors
  2. Is it possible for somatic motor comands to arise at the subconscious level?
    Yes, subconscious and conscious
  3. Adaptation
    a decrease in receptor sensitivity or perception after chronic stimulation
  4. Receptor A has a circular field with a diameter or 2.5 cm. Receptor B has a circular rececptive field 7.0 cm in diameter. Which receptor provides more precise sensory informaton?
  5. List the four types of general sensory receptors, and identify the nature of the stumulus that excites each type
    • 1.) nociceptors-pain
    • 2.) thermoreceptors-temperature
    • 3.) mechanoreceptors-physical distortion
    • 4.) chemoreceptors-chemical concentration
  6. Identify the three classes of mechanoreceptors
    • 1.) tactile
    • 2.) baroreceptors
    • 3.) proprioceptors
  7. What would ahppen to you if the information from proprioceptors in your legs were blocked from reaching the CNS
    your movements would be uncoordinated and you likely could not walk
  8. As a result of pressure on her spinal cord, Jill cannot feel fine touch or pressure on her lower limbs. Which spinal tract is being compressed?
    Fasciculus gracilis in the posterior column of the spinal cord
  9. Which spinal tract carries action potentials generated by nociceptors?
    lateral spinothalamic tracts
  10. Which cerebral hemisphere receives impulses conducted by the right fasciculus gracilis?
    The left cerebebral hemisphere (specifically, the primary sensory cortex)
  11. What is the anatomical basis for the fact that the left side of the brain controls motor function on the right side of the body?
    crossing-over (decussation) of axons, so the motor fibers of the corticospinal pathway invervate lower motor neurons on the opposite side of the body
  12. An injury involving the superior portion of the motor cortex affects which region of the body
    affect the ability to control the muscles in th eupper limb and the upper portion of the lower limb
  13. What effect would increased stimulation of the motor neurons of the red nucleus have on muscle tone
    increase stimulation of the skeletal muscles in the upper limbs, increasing muscle tone
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