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  1. Epithalamus:
    Habenular Nuclei function?
    Emotional response to odors.
  2. Epithalamus:
    Pineal gland function?
    • Produces melatonin.
    • Regulates sleep/wake cycles.
  3. Thalamus:
    Anterior group function?
    • Memory & emotion.
    • Part of limbic system.
  4. Thalamus:
    Medial group function?
    • Emotional awareness.
    • Info from anterior nucleus to prefrontal cortex.
  5. Thalamus:
    Ventral group function?
    • Sends info about tactile sensations to somatosensory cortex.
    • Things you are unaware of stop here.
  6. Thalamus:
    Lateral group function?
    • Sensory output to association areas.
    • Part of limbic system.
  7. Thalamus:
    Posterior group:
    Medial geniculates function?
    • Relay auditory info to auditory cortex.
    • Filters sounds.
  8. Thalamus:
    Posterior group:
    Lateral geniculates function?
    • Relays visual info to visual cortex.
    • Filters visions.
  9. Hypothalamus:
    Mammillary nucleus function?
    • Relay between limbic system and thalamus.
    • Role in long term memory.
  10. Hypothalamus:
    Posterior nuclei function?
    • Pain control.
    • Regulates emotion.
  11. Hypothalamus:
    Dorsomedial nuclei function?
    Rage and other emotions.
  12. Hypothalamus:
    Ventromedial nuclei function?
    Satiety center.
  13. Hypothalamus:
    Arcuate nuclei function?
    • Regulates hunger/appetite.
    • Releases hormones that control the pituitary gland.
  14. Hypothalamus:
    Paraventricular nuclei function?
    Produces oxytocin.
  15. Hypothalamus:
    Anterior nuclei function?
    • Thirst center.
    • Thermoregulation.
  16. Hypothalamus:
    Supraoptic nuclei function?
    Produces ADH.
  17. Hypothalamus:
    Preoptic nuclei function?
    Hormonal control of reproduction.
  18. Hypothalamus:
    Suprachiasmatic nucleus function?
    • Regulates circadian cycle.
    • (sleep/wake cycle).
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