Bible Quizzing

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  1. What does Genesis mean?
  2. Who is the only one who had no beginning?
  3. Genesis 1:1 Says god created what?
    the heavens and the earth
  4. Genesis 1:2
    After God created the world it was covered with what?
  5. Gen 1:3-5
    What did God create on the first day?
  6. Gen 1:6-8
    God divided the waters above the earth and on the earth on what day?
  7. Gen 1:9-10
    god divided the waters on the earth into land and seas on what day?
    third day
  8. Gen 1:3, 9, 18, 25, 31
    What did God says about his creation?
    It is good
  9. Gen 1:11-14
    What did God create on the 3rd day?
    grass and trees
  10. Gen 1:14
    What did God create to help us know the seasons, days and years?
    • sun
    • moon
    • stars
  11. Gen 1:14-19
    What did God create on the 4th day?
    • sun
    • moon
    • stars
  12. Gen 1: 20-23
    What did God create on the 5th day?
    fish and birds
  13. Gen 1:24-27
    What did God create on the 6th day?
    land animals and man
  14. Gen 1:12, 21,24
    God said plants, fish, birds, and animals were to reproduce....
    after their kind/according to their kind
  15. Gen 1:26
    When God said, "Let Us make man," what did He mean by "Us"?
    That God the Father, god the Son, and God the Holy spirit would make man
  16. Gen 1:26-27
    What is one important way man is different from animals?
    • Man is created after God's likeness
    • Man can think, planand create
    • Man can know and worship God
  17. Gen 1:26, 28
    God created man to rule over what?
    all the animals (land animals, fish and birds)
  18. Gen 1:28
    God blessed man and His first command to him was to what?
    • be gruitful and multiply
    • increase in number
    • fill the earth with more people
  19. Gen 1:29
    What did God tell people and all animals to eat at first?
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