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  1. abyss
    a deep, emmeasurable space, bottomless gulf
  2. ameliorate
    to make or becom better
  3. begrudge
    to give or concede reluctantly, to envry or resent the pleasure or good fortune of someone
  4. corroborate
  5. defamation
    unjustified unjury of the good reputaton of another, slander
  6. delusion
    an abnormal mental state
  7. evade
    to escape from by trickery or cleveress, strategy
  8. falter
    to stumble physcally or mentally
  9. inept
    lacking fit or aptitude, unfit
  10. inquisitive
    asking questions
  11. lascivious
  12. perplex
    to bewilder
  13. somber
    gloomily dark
  14. subservient
    subordinate, useful in promoting a purpose or end
  15. gingerly
    with great care or caution
  16. quail
    shrink back in fear
  17. theology
    studying of God or religion
  18. blasphemy
    irreverance towards God or religion
  19. pallor
    unususal or extreme paleness
  20. incredulous
  21. abominate
    dislike strongly
  22. antagonsim
    active hostility
  23. barbaric
  24. blatant
  25. citadel
  26. conjure
    invocation or spell
  27. deference
    polite respect
  28. dissemble
    misleading appearance
  29. heathen
    someone who hate God
  30. innate
    inborn, native
  31. inert
    having no inherent power of actions, motion or resistence
  32. paradox
  33. prosecute
    to institue legal proceedings
  34. propriety
    conformity to establish stadards of good or proper behavior or manners
  35. repression
    rejcetiong from consciouseness of painful stuff
  36. crucible
    sever test or trial
  37. ingratiate
    win favor of
  38. inculcation
    teaching or influencing persistently and repeatedly
  39. propitiation
    appease with favor of
  40. licentious
    amoral, sexually unrestrained
  41. aberration
    deviating from the right path or usual course of action
  42. abstinence
    the giving up of certain pleasure
  43. abstract
    theoretical, not applied or practical; not concrete; hard to understand
  44. acclaim
    lound applause; approval
  45. acquiesce
    to accept the conclusion or arrangingments of others; to accede; to give consent by keeping silent
  46. admonish
    to advise against something; to warn; to scold gently; urge strongly
  47. advocate
    to support
  48. aesthetic
    showing an appreciation of beauty in nature or art; artistic
  49. affinity
    natual attraction to a person or liking for a thing; relation; connection
  50. aggrandizement
    to increase in rank or wealth; growth in power
  51. alienate
    to turn away the normal feeling of fondness toward anyone; to estrange
  52. alleviate
    to make easier to endure; relieve; diminish
  53. aloof
    indifferent; unsympathetic; not intereseted; apart
  54. altruistic
    thoughtful of the welfare of others
  55. ambiguous
    permitting more than one interpretation; not clearly defined
  56. ambivalence
    to condition of having conflicting attitudes
  57. ameliorate
    to make better or more tolerable; to improve
  58. analogous
    similar in certain qualities; comparable
  59. animosity
    active dislike; ill will
  60. anonymity
    condition of being nameless or unkown
  61. antagonsim
    hostility, active oppostition
  62. antithesis
    direct opposite
  63. apocryphal
    of doubtful authenticity; counterfiet
  64. arduous
    hard to do; strenuous
  65. articulate
    able to put ones thoughts into words easily and clearly
  66. assuage
    to calm or soothe; to satisfy
  67. atrophy
    to waste away
  68. augment
    to increase or enlarge; to become greater in size
  69. austere
    stern in manner or appearance; strict in morals
  70. authoritarian
    person who supports the priciple of subjection to authority instead of individual freedom
  71. autonomy
    independce; self governmetn
  72. aversion
    strong or fixed dislike
  73. belittle
    to make something seem less importatn
  74. bequeath
    to leave money or property by a will; to pass along
  75. blithe
    happy and cheerful; gay
  76. bombastic
    high sounding; marked by use of language without much real meaning
  77. buffoon
    a clown; someone who amuses with tricks and jokes
  78. cache
    hiding place; something hidden in a hidign place
  79. cacophony
    discord; harsh sound
  80. cajole
    to persuade by pleasant words of false promises
  81. callous
    unfeeling; insensitive
  82. bizarre
    strikingly odd in appearance or style
  83. capitulate
    to surrender;
  84. capricious
    changeable; fickle
  85. carping
  86. catalyst
    someone or something that brings about a change
  87. catharsis
    an emotional purificating or relief
  88. caustic
    stinging, biting
  89. celestial
    having to do with the heavens; divine
  90. censure
    to blame; to criticize adversely
  91. chastise
    to critize severly
  92. chimerical
    absurd; wildly fanciful
  93. chronic
    lasting a long time; constant
  94. circumspect
  95. clairvoyant
    having exceptional insight
  96. clandestive
  97. clemency
    mercy; mildness
  98. coalesce
    to grow together; to combine
  99. colloquial
    conversational; usded in informal speech or writing
  100. commiserate
    to sympathize with; to feel sorrow for anothers suffering
  101. compatible
  102. composure
  103. conciliatroy
    tending to soother or reconcile
  104. concise
    saying much in few words; brief but full of meaning
  105. condone
    to forgive or overlook
  106. conspicuouse
    clearly visible; remarkable
  107. copious
  108. corraborate
    to confirm
  109. crass
    coarse; stupid
  110. criterious
    standard for judging; a test
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