Superficial Mycoses

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  1. What are 2 types of skin infections ?
    • 1.)Superficial cutaneous ( at or near the surface of skin; epidermis)
    • 2.)Subcutaneous ( happen within the dermis; middle of hair follicle)
  2. 2 examples of Superficial Mycoses :
    • 1.) Pityriasis versicolor (tinea versicolor) : chronic superficial fungal infection leading to hypo/hyperpigmented patches on skin. Exposure to sunlight leads to tanning of patches around skin but not the fungus (Malssezia species)
    • 2.) Tinea nigra : Causes dark brown to black painless patches on the soles of hands and feet (exophiala werneckii)
  3. Whats a type of superficial cutaneous mycoses ?
  4. Examples of dermatophyte infections :
    • 1.) Tinea corporis =mycosis of the body - RINGWORM
    • 2.)Tinea capitis=mycosis of the scalp
    • 3.)Tinea axillaris=mycosis of the underarm
    • 4.)Tinea cruris= mycosis of the groin "Jock itch"
    • 5.)Tinea pedis=mycosis of the foot "athletes's foot
    • 6.)Tinea unguium=(onychomycosis) = mycosis of the nails
  5. Examples of Candida albicans:
    • 1.)Oral thrush (mouth)
    • 2.)Diaper rash (groin)
    • 3.)Candida vaginitis (vagina)
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