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  1. Week 1
  2. What are the NT terms for counseling?
    parakaleo didasko noutheteo elencho epitimao
  3. What does parakaleo mean?
    to come alongside encourage comfort exhort
  4. Name a verse that uses parakaleo?
    1 Thes. 5:11
  5. What does didasko mean?
    teach instruct
  6. What does noutheteo?
    to stick in someone's mind/spear; admonish counsel
  7. Name a verse that uses noutheteo
    Rom. 15:14
  8. What does elencho mean?
    reprove expose convict refute to point out error
  9. What does epitimao mean?
    rebuke warn tell sternly
  10. Name two verses stating the main goal of counseling.
    Gal. 6:1 1 Tim. 1:5
  11. Name 4 counseling models.
    Dynamic Moral Relational Love Therapy
  12. What does healing look like in the Dynamic model?
    need to heal of past trauma by drawing out subconscious sources
  13. What are the presuppositions of the Dynamic model?
    humans are organisms emotional problems = sickness; subconscious causes problems
  14. What are the presuppositions of the Moral model?
    wrong actions lead to wrong feelings and attitudes
  15. What does healing look like according to the Moral model?
    do the right thing
  16. What are the scriptural compatibilities of the moral model?
    self-control is fruit of the spirit; admonishing is loving (but that's all they do); blessed (happy) if you do these things
  17. what are the scriptural incompatibilities of the moral model?
    discounts deeper causes (Jer. 17:9); deals w/external bh only
  18. what are the presuppositions of the relational model?
    designed to love & be loved; human problems are defensive attempts to handle fear; our reactions damage relationships more
  19. What is 1 Cor. 16:14 about?
    love requires deliberate action
  20. name a verse about the primacy of love
    1 Tim. 1:5
  21. what is 1 John 4:16 about?
    love is rooted in God & His Word our source for understanding love
  22. name a verse that says love defines Christian ethics
    Gal. 5:14
  23. name 2 verses that say love defines spiritual life
    1 Jn. 4:12 20
  24. Week 2
  25. what is the main qualifiers for mental illness?
    symptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment
  26. what is non-dysphoric depression?
    depression without sadness; may look like irritability/anger
  27. what is a major depressive episode?
    five or more of the 9 symptoms
  28. what are the 2 types of treatment that work for MDD?
    cognitive behavioral therapy interpersonal therapy
  29. what is bipolar disorder?
    recurrent major depression plus one manic or mixed episode
  30. bipolar disorder is _______% genetic
  31. what treatment is necessary for bipolar?
  32. what is the main symptom of psychotic disorders?
    delusions or hallucinations
  33. what is panic disorder?
    repeated sudden distinct episodes of extreme anxiety with physical symptoms
  34. how can you recognize personality disorders?
    a long-term pattern of difficulty in interpersonal relationships
  35. when do we need to refer someone to a mental health professional?
    psychotic suicidal severe depression substance dependence rule out medical cause get diagnosis/treatment
  36. Week 3
  37. what does GEARS stand for?
    aspects of love: gracious emotional all people righteous sacrificial
  38. what are the love spheres?
    diffuse & tribal
  39. what are the love defects?
    work sub work for love infantile
  40. what does the infantile need to do to progress?
    learn mature love as work sub/work for love; Eph. 4:28
  41. what do work subs need to do to mature?
    practice emotional love step down from throne build signficance outside tribe
  42. what do work for loves need to do to mature?
    stop manipulating whining and being matrys/enablesrs; practice discipline love outside tribe
  43. what is Eph. 4:28 about?
    stop taking & start giving
  44. what is 1 Thes. 5:14 about?
    discerning the differences people need in counseling
  45. what is 1 Cor. 11:1 about?
    imitate me as I imitate Christ
  46. how to support a sanguine?
    don't take away steam give opportunities to initiate use in public ways teach decision continuum
  47. how to promote a phlegm?
    objectivity intiial follow up administrators balancers
  48. how to promote a choleric?
    give plenty of encouragement & room; follow if possible
  49. how to promote a mel?
    they want to be listened to; help them turn theoretical into practical
  50. Week 4
  51. What does apologetics mean?
    to make a defense
  52. What does 1 Peter 3:15 say?
    but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts always being ready to make a defense to anyone who asks for the hope that is in you yet with gentleness and reverence
  53. What is 2 Tim. 2:23-26 about?
    be respectful and gentle; it's not about fighting/winning
  54. what is epistemology?
    the study of or understanding of the nature of knowledge
  55. what is the main point to demonstrate to an atheist?
    there is no airtight argument in favor of atheism; empiricism is an assumption
  56. atheism is ultimately a ______________ position
  57. what are the 3 main types of theistic apologistics?
    classical evidentialist and presuppositional
  58. what arguments fall under classical apologetics?
    ontological teleological (design) cosmological scientific
  59. summarize the ontological argument
    we can think of God therefore He exists
  60. critique the ontological argument
    we cannot deduce the existence of a being from the idea of that being; involves untrue premises & faulty logic
  61. summarize the teleological argument
    presence of order in the universe reques the existence of an orderer
  62. critique the teleological argument
    """design"" needs to be defined; involves special pleading (God made the world but not evil); anthropic principle; what makes watch stand out?; doesn't lead to biblical monotheism"
  63. what is the best way to use the design argument?
    as inductive argument which points to the presence of a designer as one of the more likely explanations for apparent design
  64. natural selection explains which forms of life ________ but not which forms ________
    survive arrive
  65. what is the cosmological arguemnt?
    considers why anything exists; Uncaused Cause
  66. what are some scientific arguments?
    universe had a beginning otherwise it would be total chaos by now; universe is expanding not oscillating (big bang)
  67. what is evidentialist apologetics?
    inductive approach similar to courtroom evidence showing most probable explanation
  68. what is the main argument of evidential apologetics?
    historical argument: Bible is historically reliable Bible teaches Jesus claimed to be God; Lord Liar Lunatic
  69. summarize pressuppositional apologetics?
    everyone has certain presuppositions which often contradict their claimed worldview
  70. Week 5
  71. 4 implications of post-modernism
    no objective morality; evangelism is uncool; beliefs are a product of complicated factors; love personal stories
  72. what false dichotomy is assumed in post-modernism?
    either we can know something completely or we can't know it truly at all
  73. what is perspectivalism?
    we can only know a slice of truth because of our limited vantage point
  74. how to respond to perspectivalism?
    true but Someone can know & tell us (revelation)
  75. how to respond to the tolerance rap?
    go beyond tolerance to love
  76. what does the emergent church aim to do?
    integrate post-modern thinking to be culturally relevant
  77. name 3 areas where emergents veer from essential doctrine
    the atonement; evangelism preaching and teaching; importance of truth & rational thinking
  78. 3 qualities of a good ethical system
    not contradictory; corresponds to reality; useful and applicable in real world
  79. how to respond to the inquisitive murderer dilemma
    perfect ethics are never possible in a fallen world; appeal to prioritized ethics
  80. what is the main principle in Biblical ethics?
  81. What does Galatians 5:6 say?
    "what really matters is ""faith working through love"""
  82. Week 6
  83. What is a world view?
    basic assumptions about reality that guide people's lives
  84. What are 4 questions to evaluate worldviews?
    adequacy coherence correspondence pragmatic
  85. what is the adequacy test?
    does your worldview explain the relevant data (ie reality)
  86. what is the coherence test?
    is the worldview internally consistent?
  87. what is the correspondence test?
    does your worldview match reality?
  88. what is the pragmatic test?
    what are the implications & do they work in real life?
  89. explain the metaphor of 2 Cor. 10:3-6
    apologetics is a battle of beliefs/ideas; fortresses are ideas people have that act as barriers to gospel
  90. what is the role of truth in spiritual warfare?
    truth is our weapon against Satan
  91. what are the 3 major eastern religions?
    Hinduism Buddhism New Age Movement
  92. what was the early Hindu view of God?
  93. what is the current Hindu view of God?
    Pantheism/Monism identifying god with the whole universe
  94. what is syncretism?
    blending many views (even if contradictory)
  95. what does atman is brahman mean?
    we are all god (part of god)
  96. what is the difference between these texts?
    Vedas focus on ceremonial/cultural; Upanishads focus on spiritual
  97. how did Buddhism begin?
    Siddhartha Gautama was Hindu but didn't like caste system experienced nirvana while meditating 40 days
  98. what are the 4 noble truths?
    suffering is universal cause of suffering is selfish desire cure for suffering is to eliminate selfish desire follow the 8fold path
  99. what are the 2 main doctrines of pantheism?
    reincarnation & karma
  100. what is the doctrine of reincarnation?
    person's soul must be repeatedly recycled until achieving moksha (liberation) from suffering
  101. what is the doctrine of karma?
    determines next life based on works
  102. how do buddhists believe they can be released from this world (maya)?
    follow the 8fold path
  103. what is karmic fatalism?
    this life is a just retribution for past lives thus helping poor is messing w/karma
  104. what is karmic asceticism?
    way to work off bad karma b/c desire is evil; doesn't fit w/American materialism & sensuality
  105. how is the pantheist worldview inadequate?
    what about suffering? Afterlife is non-being? How do we deal w/life if all is illusion?
  106. how to use Acts 17 approach with new age?
    what if there is a verifiable God who is creator sustainer & judge?
  107. Week 7
  108. what is a cult?
    a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious
  109. "what is the fastest growing ""christian"" sect?"
  110. what are 5 major characteristics of cults?
    rejection of trinity (jc as God); belief that Xian churches are wrong; distort Bible; salvation by works; use of xian terms
  111. what is the JW publishing co?
    The Watchtower
  112. founder of JW?
    Charles Taze Russell
  113. what do JWs believe about afterlife?
    no hell; hard works earn paradise; wicked annihilated; 144 000 go to heaven rest go to new earth
  114. what do they believe about the 2nd coming?
    already happened in 1914 invisible JC now rules
  115. what do they believe about Jesus?
    given honor; mighty god created by Almighty God; Michael the archangel
  116. what do they believe about HS?
    invisible force not personal
  117. what do they believe about atonement?
    Christ paid for Adam's sin making it possible for ppl to be saved by good works
  118. what can you tell a JW you are reaching out to?
    following theology of a fraud; cast doubt on Watchtower's authority; grace vs. works
  119. founder of Mormonism?
    Joseph Smith
  120. what are the Mormon scriptures?
    book of Mormon Doctrines and Covenants Bible and Pearl of Great Price
  121. who took control of Mormon church after Smith died?
    Brigham Young
  122. how has Mormon doctrine changed over time?
    polygamy racism mixed marriage no longer sanctioned
  123. how do Mormons justify their changing doctrines?
    revelation continues today
  124. how do Mormons view the Bible?
    tainted by mistranslation
  125. what Mormon beliefs contradict Christianity?
    revelation continues after apostles; trinity is 3 gods; we can attain god-hood; Jesus is a lesser created god; salvation by works; 3 levels of heaven most humans go to heaven
  126. what is eternal progression?
    God had a physical body and attained his exalted state
  127. what do Mormons believe about Jesus?
    a lesser created god Michael
  128. what is the role of grace according to Mormons?
    dealing with Adam's sin so we can now be saved by works in the Mormon church; can lose salvation
  129. what is the largest Muslim sect?
  130. how did Islam begin?
    Muhammad believed he received visions in 610 which he dictated into the Qur'an; taught throughout Arabian peninsula & gained political power
  131. how did Islam spread in the early days?
    among the poor; at first by teaching & later by the sword
  132. "what are the ""two branches of Muslim learning?"""
    theology (Tawhid) and law (Shari'a)
  133. what are the 6 main doctrines a Muslim must believe?
    one God angels & demons Qur'an as authoritative scripture resurrection of dead & judgment by deeds Muhammad is last & greatest of 28 prophets; predestination (not Shi'ites)
  134. what are the 5 pillars of Muslim faith?
    statement of the creed prayer almsgiving fasting and the pilgrimage
  135. what is the 6th religious duty?
    jihad or holy war (lit. striving)
  136. what 4 books do Muslims consider inspired?
    the Torah Psalms Injil and Qur'an; all but Qur'an contain error
  137. how does Islam differ from Christianity in doctrine?
    deny Trinity; God is transcendent not personally knowable; pick & choose from Bible
  138. name some problems with the Qur'an
    no proof low view of women admittedly contradicts itself supports holy war
  139. what do Muslims believe about Jesus?
    not God born of a virgin sinless prophet but less than Muhammad not killed or resurrected (Judas was crucified)
  140. what is the problem with the Muslim view of salvation
    by works (contradicts Torah) & doesn't explain how righteous God can accept sinful men; also not clear on how good you have to be
  141. how do Shi'ites differ from Sunnis?
    exalt Muhammad's family pray 3x/day; emphasis on martyrdom; return of last Imam prior to judgment day; prostitution & lying; free will; Imam's teaching infallible
  142. how to Sufis differ from Sunnis?
    emphasize spiritual experience in this life; influenced by other religions; Allah is all that matters deny evil preexistence of soul
  143. how to reach out to a Muslim?
    they respect Jesus so describe his life story & encourage to read Injil before addressing deity; connect to Shi'ite motifs of passion & 2nd coming; don't argue or attack Muhammad or Qur'an
  144. what do Muslims believe about Jesus's Second Coming?
    he will return before Muhammad get married destroy crosses & pigs deny the crucifixion & His deity and die
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