liam odyssey 1-18

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  1. pg:77 884-891
  2. pg:78 894
  3. pg 89 309-323
  4. pg:93 426-442
    rational unemotional
  5. pg:94 466-473
  6. pg 73 735-744
    scolding suitors
  7. 74 773-782
    icon of suffering
  8. pg: 76 848- end of book
    • gods send her sister to comfort her, tell her odysseus is ok, but not to tell her that he will get home and give her false hope
    • sisters name is ipthime
  9. pg:87 212-222
    kalypso is trying to get odysseus to stay
  10. pg:105 220-224
    nausikaa geust host
  11. 107 308-334
    tightly moven moral fabric originates from mother(arete)
  12. 170 192-195
    dramtic irony odysseus saying he wouldnt go to the under world
  13. pg: 197 457
    shade cant touch him and it makes him sad
  14. 201 576-582
    achilles talking about how he waould rather be a farm hand than be dead, he would rather be practically nothing but still be alive
  15. 289 18
    irony, eumaios does what odysseus wants to do but cant, eumaios is the father in this situation
  16. pg: 295 220
    odysseus recognizes its his fault that telemakhos didnt have a dad
  17. pg: 292 108- 130
    odysseus is testing telemakhos
  18. pg:296 253-262
    telemakhos and odysseus finally reunite, it is compared to a motehr hawk having her babies taken away
  19. pg:325 591-593
    antinoos acts like a dick, and says that any food that isnt his he can just give away
  20. Pg:310 44-46
    pen compared to gods
  21. pg:329 706
    telemakhos and odysseus are being compared to strong birds
  22. pg:322 line 470-473
    athena tells odysseus to learn which of the suitors are nice and which arent, but still tells him to kill them
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