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  1. Alienation effect
    Berhoh Brecht's audience's emotional involvement should be minimized.
  2. Constructivism
    Sets were nonrealistic & provide greater opportunities for physical action
  3. Poor theatre
    Jerzy Grotowski, theatre stripped to the bare essentials
  4. Surrealism
    Present dramatically the working of the subconcious
  5. Mellow Drama
    Emphasized action and spectactular effects with music
  6. Shakspear
    Greatest playwright, globe theatre, Lord Chamberlain's men
  7. Well Made Play
    Combined apparent plausibility of incident and surface
  8. Naturalism
    Form of realism, not carefully plotted or constructed
  9. Musical Theatre
    Broad category includes opera, musical, and other
  10. Slapstick
    Type of comedy that uses exaggerated behavior
  11. Unit Set
    Single setting can represent a variety of locales with properties or scenic elements
  12. Morality
    Medieval drama designed to teach a lesson
  13. Box Set
    Flats to form the back & side or walls in a room
  14. Zanni
    Comic male servants in Italian commedia
  15. Pole & Charriot System
    Changing sets made of flat wings
  16. Mystery
    Short dramas based on old & new testimony
  17. 3 Utilities by Aristotle
    Time, Place, Action
  18. Who is Dionysus
    A god, there are 2 festivals per year celebrating Dionysus (god of wine, fertility, and revelry)
  19. Who is thespis?
    Credited with turning songs into drama
  20. Most famous greek tradgedy?
  21. 6 Basic elements of Drama
    Plot, Character, Theme, Language, Music, Spectacle
  22. 3 Units of theatre?
    Seating, Orchestra, Scene house
  23. 2 forms of Japanese theatre?
    Noh, Bunraku
  24. Where did reainiassiance begin?
  25. What did drama center around in the middle ages?
  26. What 3 contributions did the Italians give us?
    Intermezzi, pastorals, opera
  27. Advantages of realism
    • 1. observing of everyday life
    • 2. credible
    • 3. relatable
  28. Disadvantages of realism
    • 1. to limited
    • 2. no devices are used
  29. What is a ancient form in South East Asia today?
    Shadow play
  30. Four neoclassical ideals
    • 1. Drama is true to life
    • 2. Small cast of characters
    • 3. Genre shouldn't mix
    • 4. No on stage violence
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