BIOL 223 Chapter 14-4

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  1. Is gray matter found in the outer or inner layers of brain tissue?
    outer layer
  2. What makes white cerebral matter "white?"
    the presence of myelinated neurons
  3. What is the function of cerebral projection tracts?
    communication with other parts of the brain
  4. True or False: No actual processing occurs in the three types of cerebral tracts.
  5. What is the function of the association tracts in the white matter of the cerebrum?
    connect gyri within the same hemisphere
  6. What is the function of the commisural tracts in the cerebrum?
    connect gyri in opposite hemispheres
  7. What role do the basal nuclei play in the learned movement patterns?
    they initiate and terminate learned movement patterns
  8. Areas of gray matter deep within the brain are known as:
    basal nuclei
  9. The basal nuclei receives information from the cerebral cortex and sends it to the:
  10. Subconcious muscle movements are controlled by the:
    basal nuclei
  11. The limbic system is also known as your:
    emotional brain
  12. The human "motivation center" is located within the:
    limbic system
  13. Stimulation of the _______ causes a rage response.
  14. The cortex areas of the brain _______ information while the association areas recognize _______.
    perceive, patterns
  15. How does auditory information get processed in the brain?
    • information is received
    • thalamus filters out unnecessary data
    • auditory cortex perceives information
    • association area recognizes known patterns
  16. The primary somatosensory cortex gives us our awareness of:
    tactile sensation
  17. Which cortex lets us know where we are being touched?
    the primary somatosensory cortex
  18. A map of the sensory gyri is known as a:
    sensory homunculus
  19. Where is the primary somatosensory cortex located?
    on the postcentral gyri
  20. True or False: The more sensitive the area of the body, the larger the area on the gyrus that perceives the sensations.
  21. Where is the primary visual cortex located?
    on the occipital lobe
  22. Where is the primary auditory cortex located?
    on the temporal lobe
  23. The primary gustatory cortex is involved in _______ perception.
  24. Where is the primary olfactory cortex located?
    on the temporal lobe
  25. Where is the primary motor cortex located?
    on the precentral gyri
  26. The map the tells us which areas of the brain control which muscles is called the:
    motor homunculus
  27. Broca's Area is also called the:
    motor speech area
  28. In which hemisphere of the brain is Broca's Area located?
    it can be in either hemisphere
  29. Which cortex controls all of our skeletal muscle movements?
    the primary motor cortex
  30. True or False: The primary visual, auditory, and olfactory cortecies all recognize patterns in stimuli.
    False - all three areas merely perceive that there is some form of stimuli
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