cell parts

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  1. chloroplast (function)
    make glucose; do photosynthesis
  2. ribosome (function)
    make proteins
  3. cell wall (function)
    protection; give shape/support to cell
  4. cell membrane (function)
    controls what enters & leaves the cell
  5. Golgi apparatus (function)
    • packages wastes for removal (makes vacuoles)
    • makes lysosomes
    • makes new pieces of cell membrane
  6. endoplasmic reticulum; ER (function)
    • transports things from place to place in the cell
    • "cell highway"
  7. lysosome (function)
    contains enzymes that digest large molecules, bacteria, etc
  8. nucleolus (function)
    makes ribosomes
  9. nucleus (function)
    • contains the cell's DNA
    • "control center"
  10. nuclear membrane; nuclear envelope (function)
    controls what enters & leaves the nucleus
  11. chromatin (function)
    • the strands of DNA in the nucleus
    • instructions for making the cell's proteins
  12. mitochondria (function)
    • burns glucose to release energy
    • "power plant"
  13. vacuole (function)
    • enclosed storage of water, minerals, ions, etc
    • moves things around in the cell
  14. cytoplasm (function)
    • loose storage of water, minerals, ions, etc
    • moves things around in the cell
    • "cell soup"
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    mitochondria (diag)
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    chloroplast (diag)
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    cell membrane (diag)
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    Golgi apparatus (diag)
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    ribosomes (diag)
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    lysosome (diag)
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    ER (diag)
  22. Image Upload
    vacuole (diag)
  23. Image Upload
    cell wall (diag)
  24. Image Upload
    cytoplasm (diag)
  25. Image Upload
    chromatin (diag)
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    nuclear membrane (diag)
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    nucleolus (diag)
  28. Image Upload
    nucleus (diag)
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