History Test Chapter 11 and 12

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  1. 1300's
    church loses control of secular rulers
  2. Pope Boniface 8th
    issued a papal bull stating that Pope supreme everywhere
  3. Philip the 4th
    captured Pope, and after a series of events new pope
  4. New Papacy (in France)
    • Pope Clement in Avignon
    • papacy from 1305-1377
  5. Pluralism
    holding multiple offices
  6. 1377
    • Pope Gregory moved papacy back to Italy
    • elected Urban 6th in France
  7. Humanism
    the perspective of the universe based on human interests and human concerns
  8. Relativism
    • everything is relative and nothing is for certain
    • goes back to Greek and Roman thought
  9. Desimus Erasimus of Rotterdam
    • stressed vernacular
    • 1st modern intellectual
    • wrote in praise of Folley
    • said clergy were uneducated
    • Church needs reform
  10. Nicholas of Kuza 1400-1464
    • said we cannot know God, bit we know what's been told
    • the more you learn, the less you know
  11. Time
    During Medieval times, very loose and imprecise
  12. 1582
    • Gregory the 14th
    • made the year 365 1/4 days
    • moved calendar from November 10 to the 16th to make it in alignment. Riots
  13. 1500
    Arabic numerals
  14. 1500-1600
    0 introduced
  15. Gutenberg
    DID NOT invent printing press, invented MOVABLE TYPE printing press
  16. Cuca Paciolo
    • double entry accounting
    • standard of record keeping in banks
  17. Books
    • read by monks aloud
    • unfortunatlynospacesorpunctuation
  18. Renaissance effect on books
    Spaces, punctuation, and CAPITOL LETTERS
  19. Renaissance effect
    • standard of time, invented +,-,&,infinity
    • als proportions for maps and where north is
  20. Insurance
    • puts money into an investment and enough money to cover damages
    • one of th reasons for western civilization
  21. Renaissance birthplace
    Italy, because all of the trade money was going there and trade out.
  22. Art
    • in the begining of the middle ages, very flat
    • then during the Renaissance painted anything and everything
  23. Dominant familys
    • Medichini in Florance
    • Visconti in Milan
    • Papal states by Pope
    • Napal by merchants
  24. Donatilo
    sculptures of David, first since classical times. for Medichini
  25. Seminal artist
    an artist that catches onto and popularises a certan artform
  26. Titian
    • painted Charles the 5th on horseback
    • seminal
  27. Frescos
    painted on churches and paphael
  28. Niccolò Machiavelli
    • with Medichi
    • 1469
    • wrote art of war
    • hot to be a prince book
    • beleiced man on outside appear as gods but are actually sinister
    • humans run off of emotion
    • take power at all costs
  29. Davinchi
    painted monalisa and brilliant
  30. Polatio
    • built the walls in venice
    • made glass stucture
  31. Micholangelo
    • sponsered by metages
    • practiced manorism, suffering for hevan
  32. Potecheli
    • died 1510
    • worked for mortagee
    • made birth of venus
  33. El Greco
    • d 1614
    • "the greek" in spanish, painted in spain
    • made hues and colors
  34. Jan van Eyck
    dog in painting and studyed life
  35. Peter Brueghol
    • Flanders
    • painted commanders
  36. Hans Holbine
    • died 1533 of the plauge
    • painted portraits
    • painted English Royalty
    • and french ambasador
    • (whole story of king henry the 8th)
  37. Albrect poor
    • engraver
    • made engraving an artform
    • 4 horsemen of the apocalypse
  38. Lollards
    condemned pilgramigesm and popes worldly power
  39. Hus
    advocated ending of the corruption of the Church
  40. Differences of the Northern and souther Renaissance
    • N:simple, religious, balcned and still
    • S:complex, secular, complex but lifelike
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