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  1. Thomas Test:
    Iliopsoas, Rectus Femoris, TFL, Sartorius
    • Supine; client's ishial tuberocities at the end of the table, holding their non test knee flexed to their chest to flatten lumbar.
    • Action: Have client flex and extend their hip off the table while still holding their other knee
    • SHORT: rectus femoris, psoas, vasti at the knee: Hip flexion with knee extension
    • SHORT: illiopsoas : Hip Flexion (no knee extn)
    • SHORT: TFL: Abduction and medial rot of hip
    • SHORT: Sartorius: ABduction and lateral rot of hip
    • SHORT: Adductors: Adduction of the Hip
  2. Rectus Femoris
    Ely's Test
    • Prone, test knee flexed
    • Action: Grasp at ankle, move towards glutes
  3. Vastus Medialis, Lateralis, Intermedius
    Heel to Buttock
    • Supine, Hip and knee flexed to 90
    • Action: Grasp ankle, move knee into further flexion
  4. TFL/ITB
    Ober's Test
    • Sidelying, hip in slight extension, knee extendened ** Lower hip and knee extended to stabalize
    • Action: stabalize ilium with forearm, lower hip into adduction
  5. Hamstrings (semi's, biceps femoris)
    • Supine, test hip flexed, knee in full extension
    • Action: move hip into further flexion while stabalizing contralateral leg
    • Semi's= lateral rot and flexion
    • Biceps fem= Medial rot and flexion
  6. Gastroc and Plantaris
    • Prone, knee extended
    • Action: Dorsiflex ankle
  7. Popliteus
    (single joint knee flexors, short head biceps femoris)
    • Prone, hip bolstered to hyperextension, hold in plantarflexion
    • Action: maintaining plantarflexion, extend knee
  8. Gracilis/Medial Hamstrings
    • Supine, knees extended
    • Action: move test leg into abduction while palpating contalateral asis
    • * If limited: FLEX the knee to slacken gracilis and medial hamstrings
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