Chapter 20

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  1. What is the optimal room temperature and humidity?
    • 68F to 70F
    • 20C to 23C

    30% - 50% RH
  2. What do you if a patient complains of feeling cold?
    • Adjust the thermostat
    • Give a blanket
  3. The most common accidents among patients are...
    • Burns
    • Cuts
    • Bruises
  4. 3 most common factors that predispose a person to falls are...
    • impaired physical mobility
    • altered mental status
    • sensor and/or motor deficits
  5. Who is most at risk for burns?
    • Diabetics/patients with impaired circulation
    • Paralyzed patients
    • Patients with altered mental status

    *patients sleeping with ice packs or heating pads
  6. RACE?
    • Rescue patients from immediate danger
    • Activate the fire alarm
    • Contain the fire
    • Extinguish the fire
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