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  1. What does JMLA stand for?
    Japanese Mexican Labor Association
  2. Cesar Chavez
    American Farm worker, labor leader, civil right activist, & co-founded the NFWA, (later became the UFW)
  3. Reyes Tijerina
    Led the stuggle to restore New Mexican Land Grants, also led movement in the Chincano Movement, 1967 Tierra Amarilla
  4. LA correspondent killed in the LA Chicano Morotorium?
    Ruben Salazar
  5. Corky Gonzales
    Boxer, poet, political activist, Mexican American equal rights activist, considered a founder of the Chicano Movement
  6. What led to the 1910 Mexican Revolution?
    Frustration & anger from peasants due to the corrupt Mexican gov
  7. How many Mexican Americans served in Congress by 1967?
  8. What was the title of the documentary we saw on Chicanos?
    Chicano: History of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement
  9. What was the main diff btwn the Mex in CA & their counterparts in TX?
    Mex in CA cud vote & the Mex in TX cudnt
  10. Signifigance of La Raza Unida?
    1st chicano political party formed in TX
  11. Signifigance of the MEx population in Santa Barbara in 1850s?
    Mexican voter population dominated local elections
  12. General Vallejo?
    He represented Mexican authority in the region of CA, north of San Francisco
  13. What was contained in the article X of the original version of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
    It guaranteed protection of all prior pending titles of property of every description
  14. What was the Greaser Act?
    Anti-Vagrancy act: defined vargrants as all persons who were commonly known as greasers or the issues of spanish or indian blood & who went armed & were not peaceable & quiet persons
  15. Explain the Irony of the Irish immigrants during the war against Mexico? (Irish Question)
    Many Irish immigrants served in the US Armed forces & ironically the Irish had been pushed from their homeland by British colonialism & here they found themselves becoming Americans by participating in the conquest of the Southwest
  16. Explain the doctrine of manifest destiny
    a belief in american anglo-saxon superiority
  17. What was the origin of the Bear Flag Republican?
    The flag contained a grizzly bear facing a lone star suggesting an analogy to the Texas republic. To Mexicans, the bear was a theif & a plunder of their cattle.
  18. Explain the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    Mexico accepted the Rio Grande as the Texas border & ceded the Southwest territories to the US for over 1 million sq miles costing $15 million
  19. Name 3 missions in CA?
    Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, San Francisco
  20. In what year did the US annex Texas?
  21. What was the importance of Congreso Mexicanista?
    It was the State-wide convention in 1911 in which several Texas mutualists came together calling for ethnic solidarity
  22. Who was Samuel Houston?
    ...In 1845, after annexation of TX, Mexico broke off diplomatic relations with the US
  23. Who was Stephen Austin?
    He urged countrymen to "Americanize" Texas. 175 Texas rebels barricaded themselves in the Alamo & initiated hostilities for what would become known as the Lone Star Republic. The Mexican gov't declared this illegal & sent troops to supress the rebelion
  24. Who was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna?
    He led the Mexican soldiers to reclaim the Alamo & killed most of the Alamo & most of the rebels, including Bowie & Day Crocket. Some Mexican traitors were killed too.
  25. What was the signifigance of the Alamo?
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