Things Fall Apart Vocab

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  1. spectators
  2. improvident
    not providing for the future
  3. haggard
    appearing worn and exhausted
  4. compensation
    payment; reimbursment
  5. imperious
    arrogantly domineering; overbearing
  6. emissary
    an agent sent in advance
  7. perpetual
    lasting for eternity
  8. carpicious
    impulsive and unpredictable
  9. incipient
    beginning to exist or appear
  10. brusqueness
    abrupt and curt manner; blunt
  11. kindred
    related to a clan or tribe
  12. benevolent
    characterized by doing good
  13. fibrous
  14. calabashes
    containers made from dried gourds
  15. frenzy
    violent mental agitation; wild excitement
  16. intoxicating
    stimulating or exciting
  17. bouts
    contests; matches
  18. feign
    pretend; represent falsely
  19. rebuked
    criticized; reprimanded
  20. harbingers
  21. copiously
  22. valor
    courage in battle; bravery
  23. resignation
    lack of resistance; patient submission
  24. elude
    avoid; evade
  25. mutilate
    to disfigure or cripple
  26. malevolance
    evil or harmful influence
  27. listless
    lacking in spririt or energy
  28. specious
    seemingly reliable but incorrect
  29. manifest
    understandable; clear
  30. communal
    of a group of people
  31. pandemonium
    wild uproar or noise
  32. esoteric
    known only to the chosen few
  33. approbation
  34. impenetrably
    not able to be entered or pierced
  35. notorious
    known widely and usually unfavorably
  36. cunning
    skill in deception
  37. eloquent
    expressive; persuasive
  38. delectable
    delightful; delicious
  39. consolations
    words of comfort
  40. omen
    prophetic sign
  41. profound
    deep; complete
  42. essences
    spiritual or incorporeal entities
  43. intervals
    time between two specified instants
  44. discern
    distinguis; percieve
  45. gravely
  46. requisite
    necessary requirement
  47. diffused
    spread in all directions
  48. mirthless
    without laughter
  49. begot
    produced; fathered
  50. ominous
  51. derisive
  52. callow
    youthful; immature
  53. perturbed
    greatly disturbed
  54. vile
    loathsome; disgusting
  55. miscreant
    wretch; villain
  56. emanate
    issuing forth
  57. ostracize
    exclude from public favor
  58. flourish
    grow well; prosper
  59. resilient
    elastic; able to spring back
  60. provoking
    angering; causing retaliation
  61. prestige
    impressiong produced by achievement
  62. compromise
  63. accomodation
    help; adaptation
  64. imminent
    impending; near at hand
  65. discordant
    inharmonious; conflicting
  66. composure
    mental calmness
  67. tumult
    commotion; riot
  68. agitated
    stirred up; disturbed
  69. abominations
    something detestable
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