U.S history 3

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  1. Government gave land directly to settlers
    Homestead Act
  2. American Indieans resented the settlement of the west because...
    • 1. White settlers taking their land
    • 2. Slaying buffalo for pelts and sport
    • 3. traders and government officials robbed and cheatted them of their land.
  3. between 1887-1934 the amount of land owned by Indians shrank by 65%
    Dawes Act 1887
  4. Joined Sitting Bull at the Battle of Little Big Horn to defend the Black Hills
    Crazy Horse
  5. Hunkapapa Tenton Sioux who fought with his brother Crazy Horse
    Sitting Bull
  6. General George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry disregarded orders and divided to attack before infantry support arrived.
    Custer went up west side.
    He and men were outnumbered by 2,500 warriors and were annihilated.
    Reno and Benteen escaped
    Known as Custer's Last Stand
    • Battle of Little Big Horn
    • June 25th
  7. Wanted to seek refuge with Sitting Bull in Cananda
    Went East over Lolo trail.
    While camped attacked by Gibbon
    Won but suffered 89 casualties
    surrendered 30 miles from Cananada border.
    Retreat of Chief Joseph (Nez Perce)
  8. Religious movement that let the Indians thing that they would be untouched by white bullets
    "World soon would end and the indians would inherit the earth, wiping away all white things."
    Ghost Dance
  9. A band of Sioux led by Chief Bigfoot were captured by the army 7th Cavalry and taken to an encampment at Wounded Knee, South Dakota
    Was a massive massacre in which the U.S killed 146 Sioux because they refused to surrender their arms.
    Last military encounter between Indians and Whites.
    1890 Wounded Knee
  10. How did settlers get west.
    • Whites get land from Homestead Act
    • Killed Millions of Bison
    • Dawes Act
    • Disease and Alcohol
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