Chapter 5: Civil Rights and Public Policy

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  1. civil rights
    policies designed to protect people against arbitrary discriminatory treatment by government officials or individuals.
  2. Scott v. Sanford
    (1857) a slave who had escaped to a free state enjoyed no rights as a citizen and that had no authority to ban slavery in the territories.
  3. 24th Amendment
    banned poll taxes
  4. Korematsu v. United States
    (1944) upheld the internment of +100,00 Japanese-Americans in encampmaent during WWII
  5. Reed v. Reed
    (1971) upheld a claim of gender discrimination.
  6. Craig v. Boren
    (1976) established the "medium scrutiny" standard for determining gender discrimination.
  7. comparable worth
    The issue raised when who hold traditionally female jobs are paid less than men working for jobs requiring comparable skill.
  8. affirmative action
    A policy designed to give special attention to or compensatory treatment for members of some previously disadvantaged group.
  9. University of California v. Bakke
    (1978) a university cannot admit underqualified individuals solely because of race.
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