Lesson 7 Vocabulary

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  1. Archipelago
    n. A large group of islands.

    A body of water containing a large number of islands.
  2. Careen
    v. To rush headlong, often with a swerving or lurching motion.

    To cause to lean or tip to one side (as a ship)
  3. Cavalier
    Adj. Showing offhand or carefree disregard; arrogant.
  4. Contiguous
    Adj. Sharing a boundary; being very close or in contact: adjacent.
  5. Correlate
    v. To connect related things; to bring things into proper relation with one another.
  6. Etymology
    n. The history of a word.

    The science that studies such histories.
  7. Frenetic
    Adj. Wildy excited; frantic.
  8. Kinetic
    Adj. Relating to motion.
  9. Presage
    v. To foretell; to warn or indicate in advance.
  10. Pulverize
    v. To crush or grind into dust or powder.

    To demolish.
  11. Recondite
    adj. Difficult to understand; abstruse.
  12. Repulse
    v. To repel; to drive back.

    To reject in a cool or distant manner.

    To disgust.
  13. Seismic
    Adj. Caused by or having to do with earthquakes.

    Having powerful and widespread effects.
  14. Undulate
    v. To form or move in waves.

    To have a wavelike appearance or motion.
  15. upheaval
    n. A radical or violent change.

    A forceful lifting or warping from beneath.
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