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  1. 20 year old Female patient has upgoing toes on babinski test acute loss of vision, climsiness and bladder problems. No history of head injury or illness. what is a likely diagnosis.
  2. You are cutting dissecting through tissue and handle a nerve abrassively, a neuroma forms later. The nerve axon, endoneureum and perineureum were cut , but there was not complete transection of the nerve. How would you classify this
    • Pocket pods doesn't explain this well.
    • this would be a stage 4.

    • 1. conduction deficit
    • 2. severed axon
    • 3. 2 + disruption of the endoneureum
    • 4. 3+ perineureum
    • 5. Complete transection
  3. You are doing a hammer toe and you preceptor tells you to block the 7th and 8th proper dorsal and plantar digital nerves, what toe is he talking about.
  4. You are looking at an MRI of the tarsal tunnel on a patient with tarsal tunnel syndrome and there is a space occupying lesion, what is in your differential?
    varicosities, lipoma, neurolemmimona, gaingloin, edema
  5. name the 3 stages of CPRS and something about each stage
    • 1 acute - tech 99 shows increased uptake to joints
    • 2. dystrophic - skin becomes cool and pale
    • 3. Atrophic - poor prognosis
  6. What is the cause of CMT?
    It is a heriditary, demyelinating neuropathy, usually affects peroneal nerves 1st. this causes foot drop and cavus, due to loss of the pull of the brevis.
  7. WHat is your biggest concern in a patient with Gillain Barre syndrome?
    loss of respiratory function. most cases recover well which was suprising to me.
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