Common spanish phrases

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  1. excuse me, pardon me
    perdon, disculpe
  2. how do you say____?
    Como se dice____?
  3. How do you pronounce____?
    Como se pronuncia____?
  4. I'm sorry. (for a mistake)
    • Perdon(ame)-familiar setting
    • Perdon(eme)-formal setting
  5. I'm sorry. (for a loss)
    Lo siento. (mucho)
  6. Excuse me. (to get by someone)
    Con permiso
  7. Ihave a question
    Tengo una pregunta
  8. I don't understand. (something being said)
    No intiendo.
  9. I don't understand (a concept)
    No comprendo.
  10. Come again, excuse me?
    Como? Mande?
  11. Please repeat.
    • por favor repita(formal),
    • repite(familiar), repitan(plural-a group)
  12. i don't know.
    No se
  13. Could you pass me a __?
    me pasas___?
  14. Could you lend me___?
    Me prestas ____?
  15. May I please be excused?
    me disculpa, por favor?
  16. slower please
    mas despacio, por favor
  17. good-bye
  18. it's a pleasure
    mucho gusto
  19. See you later
    hasta luego
  20. Thank you.
    (Muchas) gracias
  21. You're welcome
    De nada. or- No hay de que
  22. Have a good weekend.
    Buen fin de semana.

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