AGRI 111 Final

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  1. Where did Dr. LeMieux Graduate from college
  2. What was the curriculum that Dr. LeMieux received his degree
    animal science
  3. Where did Mr. LeMieux recieve hhis M.S. degree
    at LSU
  4. What are two important events that influenced Dr. LeMieux decision to pursue advance degrees
    • research opportunties
    • abilty to make more $
  5. What are Dr. LeMieuxs researc interests
    • Swine and Research reproduction of males and females
    • minerals and feed additives
    • animal behavior and environment
  6. Where did Dr. Ferguson receive his Ph.D
  7. Whate is Dr. Fergusons area of experise
    Reproductive Physiology
  8. What was the first animal cloned
    salamander embryo
  9. What is hte significance of Dolly
    1 cloned by nuclear transfusion
  10. is it safe to consume cloned animals
  11. Where did Dr. Kee get his Ph.D
  12. What are some of the skill set required to be a plant scientists
    • hard worker
    • communication
    • determination
  13. why schold you be interseted in plant and soil science
    it affects all acpects of AG.
  14. What are two jobs Dr. Kee held
    • 4-H agent
    • feild agronomist
  15. What area of the US. did Dr. Kee spend most of his career
  16. Dr. Monticello is a vet specialist of what species
  17. Form the statistics that Dr. Monticello presented who has a better chance of veing admitted to veterinarian school.
  18. Where is the veteinary school located in Louisiana
  19. List three important criteria if you are planning on attending veterinarian school
    good grades, pre-vet training, GRE 1400
  20. What types of vet practices are experiencicng a shortage
    large animal and mixed
  21. why are vet so well respected in the community
    they are able to care for animals and know diseases they can pass to humans. Alot of their work is done after hours at the convience of their clients
  22. What agriculture discipline dows Dr. Kee work in
    Soil Science/Agronomy
  23. Whate are two potential jobs at eh MS level in plant and soil science
    teacher and soil science
  24. What are suggested requirements need to land a job
    know your job you are going to be doing
  25. what are two potential jobs at the BS levwl in plant and soil science
    • researcher
    • crop advising
  26. according to dow agroscience what are two potential career opportunities for agriculture students
    • biologist
    • chemists
    • plant breeders
  27. What is mr. goodwins job title
    Farm manger
  28. List two farm commondities that are produced at the mcneese farm
    Beef and Rye Grass
  29. What are two of Mr. Goodwins responsibilities for the agriculture department
    help with labs manage the farm
  30. what are two the 3 C's that mr. goodwin mentioned
    • Communicate
    • conduct your self
    • consintent/ relable
  31. Mr. Goodwin received his B.S. degree
  32. what are two breeds of cattle raised at the MSU farm
    • Brayford
    • beef master
  33. What are two programs that the MSU farm offers for the community
    • Hurricane Relief
    • Feild Days-class trips
  34. What are 3 requirments are needed to make you happy
    Food Clothes, a house
  35. What agricultural discipline dows Dr. Chung Study
  36. what is a major concern for agricuture producers and the Gulf of Meico
    excess nitogen coming form the mississippi river
  37. what major world concern did chung discuss
    food shortage
  38. where did chung receive his PhD
    Oklahoma State
  39. Ching Serves as an advisor for what concentration
    ag sciences
  40. What animal health company does Mr. Stevison work for
  41. Mr. Stevenson graduate form which university
  42. What 3 positions has Mr. Stevison held with these companies
    • Territory manger
    • retailer
    • advertiser
  43. List 3 important classe that mr stevison suggest you take
    • speech
    • math
    • biology
  44. what species product is mr stevison responsible for now
  45. What compant does mr. Redich work with
  46. What are two pieces of advice that Mr. Redlich has for current students
    • Network
    • Be Flexible
  47. What are two jobs opportunities for students when they graduate
    • alternate fuels
    • bank
  48. Why has the job market become so toug for graduation students
    more graduates than jobs avilabity
  49. two local seed and chemical companies that could be potential jobs when you graduate
    • G&H seeds
    • Darby Warehouse
  50. What is mr. broussards prfession
    Ag teacher at Midland High
  51. Where did Mr. Broussard receive his M.S. degree
  52. Major advantage of ag teacher
    5 weeks paid vaction
  53. Major disadvatage of ag teacer
    getting fat
  54. Important piece of advice form Mr. Broussard
    get certified
  55. What company did Mr. Richardel rep
    John deere
  56. What is ht most popular peice of equipment by this company
  57. Companys home location
    City, State
  58. how would you apply for an internship with this company
  59. salary range for position at this company
    $25,000 - 100,000
  60. what field of study does dr. phillips teach
  61. what is dr phillips experiential specialty
    evnironmental toxicology
  62. what concentrationdid dr. phillips receive his Ph.D
    marine biology
  63. two pieces of advice dr phillips provided for successful career
    • stay up to date
    • reed the paper and know what going on in you career
    • dont talk while you should be listening (DTWYSBL)
  64. what university did dr. phillips receive his PhD
  65. where would you look to find internships and job opportunities with the LSU ag center
  66. approximate stating salary for extension agent
  67. 2 pouplar 4-h programs
    • livestock
    • fishing
    • horticulture
  68. 2 research station that are affillated with the LSU ag center
    rice and corn
  69. potential disdvantage of being extension agent
    it is not an 8-5 job you work long hours
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