Human Anatomy

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  1. Osteoblast
    A bone-forming cell.
  2. Osteocyte
    A mature bone cell surrounded by bone matrix.
  3. Osteoclast
    A large, multinucleated cell that breaks down bone.
  4. Hematoma
    A localized mass of blood that is confined to an organ or some definable space.
  5. Callus
    A mass of tissue that connects the ends of a broken bone.
  6. Anatomical Position
    The position acquired when one stands erect with the feet facing forward, the upper limbs hanging at the sides, and the palms facing forward with the thumbs to the outside.
  7. Extension
    to straighten a joint.
  8. Flexion
    Decreasing the angle between the bones of the joint.
  9. Plantar Flexion
    When you move your ankle so that you can stand on your toes.
  10. Dorsiflexion
    When you move your ankle so that the angle between your foot and tiba decreases......moving your foot towards your leg.
  11. Abduction
    Move the joints away from the midline.
  12. Adduction
    When the joints move the bones towards the midline.
  13. Inversion
    When you turn your foot inward.
  14. Eversion
    WHen you move your foot outward.
  15. Circumduction
    A circular motion that is performed by ball and socket joint.
  16. Rotation
    When a joint turns a bone on its axis, away from midline.
  17. Medial rotation
    When a joint turns on its axis towards the midline.
  18. Pronation
    When the hand faces down.
  19. Supination
    When the hand faces up.
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