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  1. What muscle is present in the superficial perineal fascia in the scrotum?
    Dartos muscle
  2. What is the crura of the penis? Where does it attach?
    Corpa cavernosa that are attached to the ischiopubic rami
  3. What forms the glans penis?
    Corpus spongiosum
  4. Where is the external urethral orfice located?
    In the glans penis, which is made of the corpus spongiosum
  5. What is are the layers surrounding the erectile tissue of the penis to the skin?
    • Tunica albuginea
    • Deep fascia of the penis
    • Superficial perineal fascia
    • Skin
  6. Where does the round ligament of the uterus attach?
    In the labia majora
  7. What do the 2 folds of the labia minora make?
    • Superior folds: prepuce of the clitoris
    • Inferior folds: frenulum of the clitoris
  8. What is found in the vestibule of the vagina?
    • Urethra
    • Vagina
    • Paraurethral glands
    • Greater vestibular glands
    • Many lesser vestibular glands
  9. What does the body of the clitoris consist of?
    • 2 corpa cavernosa
    • Thin band of erectile tissue (corpus spongiosum)
  10. What is the inferior and superior boundry of the superficial perineal space?
    • Inferior/Floor: Superficial perineal fascia
    • Superior/Roof: Perineal membrane
  11. Where does the superficial perineal fascia attach in the perineal space?
    • Inferolaterally: Fascia lata of thigh
    • Laterally: Ischiopubic rami
    • Posteriorly: Free margin of perineal membrane
  12. What is located in the superficial perineal space?
    • Crura
    • Bulb of Penis
    • Vestibular bulb
    • Superficial transversus perinei
    • Greater vestibular glands
    • Perineal body
  13. What is the crus of the penis/clitoris covered by? What is its origin/insertion and function?
    • Ischiocavernosus muscle
    • Origin: Ischial tuberosity and Ischiopubic ramus
    • Insertion: Sides fo the crus
    • Function: Maintain erection
  14. What is the bulb of the penis covered by? What is its origin/insertion and function?
    • Bulbospongiosus muscle
    • Origin: Median raphe and perineal body
    • Insertion: Perineal membrane, corpus spongiosum, deep fascia on the dorsum of the penis
    • Function: Expel semen/urine, maintain erection
  15. What is the origin/insertion and function of the superficial transversus perinei?
    • Origin: Ischial tuberosity
    • Insertion: Perineal body
    • Function: Stabilize the perineal body
  16. What is the funciton of the greater vestibular glands? Their other name?
    • Bartholin's Glands
    • Function: Secrete mucus to lubricate external genitals
  17. What muscles form the perineal body?
    • Bulbospongiosus
    • External anal sphincter
    • Transversus perinei
    • Levator ani
  18. What is the deep perineal space? What are its layers?
    • Urogenital diaphragm
    • 3 layers: Inferior layer of fascia (perineal membrane), muscle layer, and superior layer of fascia
  19. What are the contents of the deep perineal space?
    • Deep transversus perinei
    • Sphincter urethrae
    • Bulbourethral glands
  20. What is the origin/insertion/function of the deep transversus perinei?
    • Origin: Ischial rami
    • Insertion: Perineal body
    • Function: Stabilize perineal body
  21. What is the origin and function of the sphincter urethrae?
    • Origin: Inferior pubic rami
    • Encircle the membraneous urethra (male)
    • Function: Voluntary sphincter
  22. Name the layers of the perineal spaces from most superior to most inferior:
    • Pelvic diaphragm (levator ani)
    • Superior fascia of the UG diaphragm
    • Muscles of the UG diaphragm
    • Perineal membrane (inferior UG fascia)
    • Superficial perineal space
    • Superficial perineal fascia
    • Skin
  23. Trace the path of the pudendal nerve:
    • Out through greater sciatic foramen
    • Crosses sacrospinous ligament
    • Enters lesser sciatic foramen
    • Enters pudendal canal
  24. What nerves branch from the pudendal nerve? What do they supply?
    • Inferior rectal: External anal sphincter/anal canal
    • Perineal nerve: Branches into the posterior scrotal/labial nerve and the deep perineal nerve
    • Dorsal nerve of the penis/clitoris: Sensory to crura, corpus cavernosa and distal 2/3 of the skin of the penis/clitoris
  25. What does the posterior scrotal/labial nerve provide?
    • Motor to perineal muscles
    • Sensory to erectile tissues of penile/vestibular bulb and corpus spongiosum
  26. What is additional innervation to the perineum provided by?
    • Anteiror scrotal/labial nerves (branches of ilioinguinal (L1) and genitofemoral (L1,2))
    • Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve (S1-3): Posteiror scrotum/labium majus
  27. What are the branches from the internal pudendal artery?
    • Inferior rectal arteries
    • Perineal artery: Divides into the posterior scrotal/labial branches and the transverse perineal branch
    • Artery to the bulb
    • Deep artery of the penis
    • Dorsal artery of the penis
  28. Where does the inferior rectal artery arise?
    Ischioanal fossa
  29. Where does the perineal artery arise?
    Urogenital diaphgram
  30. Where does the artery to the bulb arise?
    Deep perineal space
  31. What lymphatics drain into the internal iliac nodes?
    • Deep perineal space
    • Membraneous urethra
    • Female urethra
    • Upper portion of vagina
  32. What lymphatics drain into the para aortic nodes?
  33. Where do most of the perineal structures drain?
    Superficial inguinal nodes
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