Cancer Medicine (Oncology) terms

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  1. anaplasia
    (backward growth) indicates that the cells are dedifferentiated or undifferentiated, and lack an orderly arrangement
  2. apoptosis
    programmed cell death
  3. benign
    slowly growing, encapsulated and noninvasive, well-differentiated, and nonmetastatic tumors
  4. carcingogen
    environmental agents that produce cancer
  5. carcinoma
    when a cancerous cell
  6. chemotherapy
    treatment of cancer using chemicals (drugs)
  7. differentiation
    organized and specialized cells
  8. encapsulated
    contained within a fibrous capsule or cover
  9. genetic screening
    blood cells from family members may be tested to determine whether a person has inherited the cancer-causing gene
  10. gross description of tumors
    visual appearance of tumors to the naked eye
  11. microscopic description of tumors
    appearance of tumors when viewed under a microscope
  12. infiltrative
    extending beyond normal tissue boundaries into adajacent tissues
  13. invasive
    having the ability to enter and destroy surrounding tissue
  14. malignant
    a tumor having the characteristics of continuous growth, invasiveness and metastasis
  15. metastasis
    spread of a malignant tumor to a secondary site, literally beyond control
  16. modality
    method of treatment, such as surgery, chemotherarpy, or irradiation
  17. morbidity
    condition of being unwell, deficient in normal function
  18. mutation
    change in the genetic material (DNA) of a cell, may be caused by chemicals, radiation, or viruses or may occur simulataneouly
  19. neoplasm
    new growth, benign or malignant tumors
  20. oncogene
    region of DNA in tumor cells or in viruses that cause cancer, designated by three letter name
  21. pallative
    relieving but not curing symptoms
  22. curative
    curing symptoms
  23. remission
    partial or complete disappearance of symptoms of disease
  24. sarcoma
    cancerous tumor derived from connective or fibrous tissue
  25. staging of tumors
    system of evaluating the extent of the spread of tumors
  26. grading of tumors
    evaluating the degree of maturity of tumor cells or indication of malignant transformation
  27. radiotherapy
    energy carried by a stream of particles
  28. xerostomia
    condition of dry mouth
  29. necrotic
    containing dead tissue
  30. carcinoma in situ
    referring to localized tumor cells that have not invaded adjacent structures
  31. cryosurgery
    use of subfreezing temperature to destroy tissue
  32. fulguration
    destruction of tissue by electric shocks generated by a high-frequency current
  33. polypoid
    growths that are like projections extending outward from a base
  34. ulcerating
    characterized by an open, exposed surface resulting from the death of overlying tissue
  35. pedunculated
    possessing a stem or stalk, characteristic of some polypoid tumors
  36. sessile
    having no stem, characteristic of some polypoid tumors
  37. mucinous
    containing mucous
  38. oncology
    study of cancer medicine
  39. dysplastic
    abnormal-appearing cells, not clearly cancerous
  40. pleomorphic
    composed of a variety of types of cells
  41. neuroblastoma
    immature brain tumor
  42. angiogenesis
    process of forming new blood vessels
  43. adenocarcinoma
    a cancer that develops in the lining or inner surface of an organ
  44. biopsy
    to remove a tumor by cutting
  45. transplant
    an organ that is donated by one patient while the patient who needs the organ, recieves the new functioning organ
  46. "chemo"
    chemotherapy- treatment that uses chemicals (drugs)
  47. RT
    radiation therapy
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