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  1. capsule
    protects the inner layers of the ___.
  2. lymph nodes cortex
    houses the germinal centers
  3. medulla
    houses b cells
  4. germinal center
    houses b-cells
  5. lymphocytes
    attack invaders to keep immune system healthy
  6. red pulp
    production of blood cells
  7. white pulp
    contains b and t cells
  8. spleen
    move and recycle old blood cells
  9. palatine tonsils
    produce lymphocytes
  10. submandibular lymph nodes
    drains lymphatic fluid from face and tounge
  11. inguinal lymph nodes
    drain lymphatic fluid from pelvic organs
  12. axillary lymph nodes
    drains lymphatic fluid from most of the upper body
  13. thoracic duct
    drains lymphatic fluid from most of the body
  14. lymphatic vessels
    drain lymphatic fluid from tissue to venous system
  15. thymus
    develops t cells
  16. appendix
    storage center for good bacteria
  17. nasal cavity
    filters, humidifies, and warms air
  18. pharynx
    assists in swallowing
  19. nasopharnx
    carries air between the nasal cavity and oropharynx
  20. oropharynx
    carries air between the nasopharynx and laryngopharynx
  21. laryngopharnx
    carries air between oropharynx and larynx
  22. larynx
    carries air between laryngopharyx and the trachea
  23. carina
    • cough receptor
    • between trachea and bronchus
  24. trachea
    carries air between larynx and the r&l primary bronchi
  25. primary bronchi
    carries air between trachea and secondary bronchi
  26. secondary bronchi
    carries air between primary bronchi and tertiary bronchi
  27. tertiary bronchi
    carries air between secondary bronchi and the bronchioles
  28. lobe of the lungs
    facilitate exchange of gas
  29. vocal folds of the glottis
    the production of sounds used for speech
  30. glottis
    production of sounds used for speech
  31. r. superior, r. middle, r. inferior
    l. superior l. inferior
    exchange of gas
  32. visceral pleura
    covers lungs
  33. parietal pleura
    lines the thorax
  34. diaphragm contracts
    move downward- inhalation
  35. diaphragm relaxes
    moves upward- exhalation
  36. contraction of intercostal muscles
    lifts ribs and widene thorax, inhalation
  37. relaxation of intercostal muscles
    drop ribs narrow thorax, exhalation
  38. contraction of intercostal muscles
    exhalation pulling ribs down squeezing even more air out
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