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  1. When prioritizing problems, what should always come first?
  2. When asking your charge nurse for input on a patient, she replies that �you should do whatever you feel is right�. What style of leadership does your charge nurse have?
  3. If a patient is not able to move independently, how often will their position need to be changed?
    Every two hours
  4. A pressure ulcer has that has full-thickness skin loss involving the subcutaneous tissue is which stage pressure ulcer?
    Stage III
  5. Which respirations are those that are fast and deep?
  6. Which is not considered a sign or symptom of dehydration?
    Muscle cramps
  7. A patient has been diagnosed with hypokalemia. As a nurse, you know that this means there are low levels of what?
  8. Normal ph is?
  9. Your patient has had a urine output over the last 24 hours of less than 100ml. Your patient is experiencing which condition?
  10. During the Crimean War, which woman asked the Secretary of War to allow her to train women to care for the sick and the wounded?
  11. A patient states that he is nauseated and dizzy. What kind of information is this?
  12. What are accurate statements about aspects of the nursing process?
    Interview allows rapport, physical exam allows for objective data, chart review is performed during the assessment step
  13. A clinical nurse is documenting in a patient chart about the pain that brought the patient in to seek medical attention. Which of the following is the best description?
    Periumbilical sharp pain at level of 7 or 8
  14. A nurse is assessing a surgical patient admitted a few hours ago, and a main concern is internal hemorrhage. The clinical signs that indicate this problem are
    Restlessness, rising pulse, and falling BP
  15. Which of the following are characteristics of effective communication?
    Using eye contact, obtaining feedback about directions given, using concise statements when giving information
  16. A patient has just had a liver biopsy. What position should the nurse place him in for 2 hours after procedure?
    Right side-lying
  17. The patient needs diet counseling to prevent further constipation. You would explain that he should
    Increase the amount of fluid daily and increase vegetable, fruit, and whole grain intake
  18. When using the leg for an intramuscular injection, the area landmarks include
    A hand�s breadth below the end of the greater trochanter
  19. One patient has been receiving an antibiotic for several days. You would evaluate its effectiveness by
    checking the vital signs trends, looking for decreased WBCs, checking the culture and sensitivity report for the drug�s ability to the organism
  20. The difference between a medical diagnosis and a nursing diagnosis is that a nursing diagnosis
    defines the patient�s response to illness
  21. Which of the following are electrolyes in the body
    Mg, K, Cl
  22. Cindy Lou comes into the ER with her 6 children. She has no money and cannot pay for ER services. She complains of a stomachache and one of her children says �Mommy has been throwing up all night. She eats pills that look like my sidewalk chalk.� After blood is drawn, you notice that the serum pH is 8.25. Which acid-base balance issue is she most likely having?
    Metabolic acidosis
  23. Which of the following are on a patient�s face sheet?
    Next of kin, Admitting physician, religious preference
  24. The first signs of hypoxia include
    Increasing respiratory rate and increasing restlessness
  25. How much urine should be outputted each hour reflecting adequate kidney perfusion?
    70 ml
  26. Dr. Bob orders a full lab report consisting of CBC, CMP, TSH, Free T4, Hemoglobin A1C, and urine drug screen. After reading the lab results, you notice that there is bilirubin in the urine. What does this result most likely suggest?
    Liver disease
  27. Meds ending in �azepam are used to treat?
    Anxiety related issues
  28. Jenny comes in for her routine medication A injection. She weighs 150 pounds. If medication A is to be administered based on her weight in kilograms, which of the following would equal her weight in kilograms.
    68.2 kg, 68200 mg, 68200000 mcg
  29. Which of the following medications would eb appropriate for you as a first year LPN student to administer?
    Heparin sub cu, Varicella IM, Regular insulin
  30. Which of the following are common parasitic worms in intestines?
    Tapeworm, pinworm, roundworm
  31. The amount of weight exerted by traction is determined by
    the amount of weight placed on traction ropes
  32. A 24-hour urine specimen is ordered for a patient. The UAP discards some of the urine that should have been saved. Which is the most appropriate nursing action?
    Notify the RN about the incident and restart the test
  33. Heat is helpful in healing a wound because it
    causes vasodilation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the injury
  34. Dietary recommendations for the elderly include
    Between 50 and 63 g/day of protein
  35. An important nursing responsibility when caring for a patient with a central line is to
    Flush the line according to agency policy
  36. A patient has food poisoning and has been vomiting frequently for the past 8 hours. If this continues, he will develop
    Metabolic alkalosis
  37. The nurse teaches a patient who will receive TPN at home to report symptoms of excessive thirst, voiding, and hunger to the health care provider. These symptoms are indicative of what complication of TPN?
  38. When caring for a patient who has just undergone a liver biopsy, you must
    Keep the patient positioned on the right side for 2 hours
  39. The nurse needs to establish a peripheral IV access on an adult trauma patient. Which catheter is the best choice?
  40. Medications that work by increasing acetylcholine in the cerebral cortex may produce
    Improved memory, alertness and more social engagement
  41. What are the main electrolytes in the body?
    Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosphate, Calcium
  42. When a patient has poor circulation in lower extremities, how would you assess this?
    Check patient�s pedal pulses
  43. A patient has an order for an iron injection that is to be given using the Z-track technique. What is the reason for using this technique?
    Avoid medication irritation
  44. The nurse is assigned to a patient who is comatose. The best approach when caring for this patient is to
    Explain the care being given and what is going on in the world
  45. A patient has just had a leg cast with plaster of paris. What action should the nurse implement to reduce the risk of edema?
    Elevate the leg on one to two pillows
  46. A stage III pressure is indicated by which of the following findings? Select all
    Full-thickness skin loss, drainage from the ulcer, damaged subcutaneous tissue
  47. Which patient is most at risk for a pressure ulcer?
    A 54 year old overweight man who is unconscious from a stroke, has a catheter in place, and has been incontinent of liquid stool since a feeding tube was places
  48. What are the five rights of medication administration?
    Patient, time, route, dose, drug
  49. A patient has a sublingual medication order. Where should the patient put this medication?
    Under the tongue
  50. What function does the cilia perform for the respiratory system?
    Helps move mucus and debris from the lungs
  51. What are the routes for parenteral injections?
    ID, Subq, IM, IV
  52. When mixing insulin, which one do you withdraw first into the syringe?
  53. How many different sites are there to locate a patient�s pulse?
  54. What are the fat-soluble vitamins that may cause toxicity in the body?
  55. Patients with obstructive lung disease should be placed on what liter of Oxygen?
  56. The dr orders Lanoxin 125 mcg q day. The pharmacy sends 500 mcg per 2 ml. How many nl will the nurse administer?
    0.5 ml
  57. How much further do you insert a catheter after urine flows?
    1-2 inches
  58. With signs of infection there may be an increase in
  59. Blocks to effective communication may be
    Giving advice, false reassurance, defensive comments
  60. S&S of metabolic acidosis?
    Confusion, Lethargy, Headache
  61. The nurse is attempting to manually remove a fecal impaction. What is the most serious complication that can occur during the procedure?
    Vagal response causes slow pulse and cardiac dysrhythmias
  62. When assessing for wound infection, you know that signs of wound infection may be
    Restlessness and discomfort, tenderness around the wound, a rise in temperature, WBC above 10,00/dL, purulent drainage
  63. During a physical examination of a patient, which of the following is not indicative of malnutrition?
    Absence of gray hair
  64. A patient immobilized by a protective device is at risk for
    Constipation and impaired skin integrity
  65. When charting the patient�s condition and nursing care, the nurse records:
    patient statements and behaviors that are observed
  66. The planning phase of the nursing process correlates with which step of the scientific method?
    Developing solutions
  67. Which culture is likely to believe in treating �hot� illnesses with �cold� foods and vice versa?
  68. For a patient to successfully win a malpractice claim, which of the following elements must be proven?
    Duty, Breach of duty, Harm or damage, Cause and effect relationship
  69. Passive range-of-motion exercises are performed to prevent the problem of
    decreased joint mobility
  70. The most effective way to clear a patient�s respiratory tract of secretions after a thoracotomy and lung resection is to
    teach him/her to cough effectively
  71. A patient who is NPO because he is unconscious
    needs to have his mouth swabbed to moisten and remove secretions every 2 hours
  72. A patient who is weak from inactivity benefits most of the nurse provides for
    active ROM exercises to arms and legs two or three times a day
  73. Which of the following are dependent nursing actions?
    Teaching a patient the correct procedure for changing his dressing before discharge, providing oral care and lotion to dry skin with morning care
  74. When teaching a patient the warning signs of cancer, the nurse includes which of the following?
    Difficulty swallowing, persistent couch, hyperactive bowel sounds, obvious change in mole
  75. The major component necessary for metabolism of carbohydrate is
    insulin secreted by the pancreas
  76. A patient immobilized by a protective device is at risk for
    Less attention from the staff, constipation and impaired skin integrity
  77. Delegation of a specific task to a UAP requires
    Knowledge of the UAP�s competencies, direct supervision of the performance of the task, follow through by verifying the task has been completed
  78. Verbal orders entered in the medical record should be signed by the doctor within
    48 hours
  79. If evaluation determines that outcomes are not being achieved
    The nursing care plan is revised
  80. An example of an approved, correctly written NANDA nursing diagnosis for the patient is
    • risk of injury related to neurologic impairment as
    • evidenced by paralysis of right leg
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