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  1. Why do I want to work for easyJet
    • Well known and established airline in Europe which is available for almost everybody because of their low fares and primary locations.
    • Very ambitious company that is growing rapidly, which gives the employees the opportunity to grow in the company as well.
    • Operating short haul routes.
    • A very easy and therefore synoptic work process.
    • Flying to convenient, primary airports all around Europe.
  2. Tell me a bit about easyJet.
    • Established in 1995, founded by Stellios Haji-Ioannou
    • Headquarters: London Luton (Hanger 89)
    • CEO: Carolyn McCall (started 1st of July 2010)
    • Flying short haul routes with over 200 aircraft to 30 countries in Europe
    • Vision = Turning Europe orange
    • Over 7300 employees
    • Served over 50 million passengers last year
    • Low cost carrier business model:
    • Single passenger class with no optional onboard equipment;
    • Single type of new, fuel efficient aircraft (reducing training and maintenance costs);
    • Development of one or more hubs to maximise destination coverage to defend their market;
    • Simple fare scheme, booking via internet website (90% of bookings);
    • Fast turnaround times;
    • Simplified point to point routes (no transfer services)
    • Charges for extras such as hold luggage and priority boarding;
    • Using mobile stairways to board and offload passengers.
    • Established on serving the leisure market, more focus is turned on the business passengers by offering services like free transfers on an earlier flight without charge. New Flexifare, for business traveller.
    • Innovative: nano technology (coating), tech insertion engines, developing easyHolidays.
  3. What is EasyJets marketing strategy:
    • Price: low fares
    • Product: easy, transparent, recognizable
    • Place: flying from convenient airports in populated areas
    • Promotion: visit Britain, nectar
  4. What does Stellios think of all the things going on (talk about the agreement EZY and Stellios have: 75% income from the flights and 25% from others; hotels, cruise, car rentals and that the income from others is increasing and is more than the 25% now)
    In 2010 Stellios announced that he disagrees with the rapid fleet expansion of easyJet. According to him the reason to flatten out the fleet expansion is because the profit margins are too low and are not growing, giving the shareholders no value for their investments, which are used to expand the fleet.
  5. Roughly how many routes does EZY have?
    Approximately 580 routes
  6. Roughly how many planes does EZY have and what types
    Approximately 200 aircraft, A319 and A320
  7. How much flight crew do you think is employed by EZY
    • Pilots: approximately 1900
    • Cabin crew: approximately 4300
  8. Largest 3 bases?
    • London Gatwick
    • London Luton
    • Milan Malpensa
  9. What do you think are easyJet’s strengths and weaknesses?
    • - Strengths:
    • Low cost business model keeps the fares low, which attracts passengers
    • Safe and efficient way of operating the flights
    • Offer high quality service at competitive prices
    • Flights available from airports located close to populated areas
    • Number one presence on top 100 routes
    • User friendly website
    • Recognized as leading brand in UK travel industry
    • Embrace their environmental responsibilities and keep these responsibilities as a priority in future strategies
    • - Weaknesses:
    • Congestion on bases will affect punctuality
    • On time performance results (getting better)
  10. What is easyJets business strenght?
    • easyJet is the fourth largest short haul carrier in Europe with a market share of 7.6%. easyJet derives its competitive advantage from the following attributes:
    • leading short-haul network in Europe with the highest number of market pairs within Europe's top 100 market pairs and strong market shares in valuable markets such as London Gatwick, Paris, Milan Malpensa, Amsterdam and Geneva
    • Low cost and efficient business model (a young efficient fleet with low cost of ownership and industry leading load factors)
    • financial and balance sheet strength
  11. If you had to choose one thing about easyJet that draws you to the company, what would it be?
    The variation the company is offering. A very wide route network, bases in different countries around Europe, staff from different countries. This variation in combination with a rapidly growing company with a lot of future opportunities makes me enthusiastic to work for this company
  12. How has Easyjet set itself apart from other airlines?
    • By it’s network
    • Flying from convenient primary airports at convenient times as a low cost carrier
    • By its friendly and professional service
    • By being involved in activities to reduce emissions
  13. Why is our culture different from other companies
    • Easyjet culture: flat hierarchy, be yourself, remote working, fun, enjoyment.
    • The flat hierarchy is a sign that easyJet thrust their employees by what they are doing. This will give the employees confidence and that will result in excellent customer service.
    • Easyjet stimulates their employees feeling relaxed while their working by allowing them to be theirselves in their job. No ties are allowed at offices, offices are open and remote, and having fun is very important while working for easyJet.
  14. What would your preferred base be?
    London Luton/Gatwick
  15. What is the easyJet ethos (character)?
    • Easyjets ethos is expressed through 5 values:
    • Safety Our No. 1 priority – no compromises
    • Teamwork We’ll get there faster together
    • Pioneering Breaking the mould to find new ways and new opportunities
    • Passionate We’re ambitious to be the best we can be
    • Integrity We mean what we say, and do it!
  16. Where is the headquarter of easyJet based?
    Luton, England (hangar 89)
  17. In which hangar is easyJet's headquarter baseds?
    Hangar 89 in Luton
  18. When was easyJet founded?
    1995 by Sir Stelios Haji-Loannou
  19. Who founded easyJet?
    Sir Stelios Haji-Loannou
  20. Who is the current CEO of easyJet?
    Carolyn McCall
  21. Who is the COO of easyJet?
    Warwick Brady
  22. Who is the CFO of easyJet?
    Jeff Carr
  23. On which stock exchange is easyJet listed?
    The London Stock Exchange
  24. What was the first international destination for easyJet?
    Amsterdam in April 1996.
  25. What were the first two destinations flown by easyJet?
    Glasgow and Edinburgh from Luton.
  26. What are the three largest easyJet bases?
    London Gatwick, Milan Malpensa, London Luton
  27. What is the difference between Ryanair and easyJet?
    easyJet flies mainly to primary airports, while Ryanair flies to secondary airports.
  28. What aircraft does easyJet have in its fleet?
    A319-100, A320-200, B737-700 (will be phased out in 2011)
  29. What kind of engines does the Airbus have?
    CFM56-5B engines
  30. Why do the easyJet A319 have two pairs of over-wing exits, instead of the standard one pair?
    Because a typical A319 carries 140 seats, easyJet configured the aircraft with smaller galleys, which allows it to seat 156 seats.
  31. What kind of engines does the easyJet Airbus have?
    Turbofan engines of CFM International (CFM56-5B)
  32. How is easyJet different from other carriers/LCC's?
    EasyJet flies mainly to primary airports, unlike competitors who fly to secondary airports.
  33. What is easyJet's mission?
    To provide our customers with safe, good value, point-to-point air services.
  34. When did Carolyn McCall start as CEO of easyJet?
    Announced March 24th 2010, she started July 1st 2010
  35. What is easyJet's largest base?
    London Gatwick
  36. What is the IATA Code for easyJet?
  37. What is the ICAO code for easyJet?
  38. What is the callsign for easyJet flights?
  39. What happens to the B737-700 aircraft in the easyJet fleet?
    Will be phased out by late 2011
  40. What type of engine does easyJet have on the A320? Do all the aircraft have the same engines?
    • CFM56-5B:
    • CFM56-5B Tech Insertion (lower emissions, fuel consumption improvement)
  41. What is easyJet's vision?
    To Turn Europe Orange
  42. How is easyJet going to turn Europe orange?
    By offering low fares to convenient (primary) airports on convenient times of the day
  43. How many aircraft in the easyJet fleet?
    204 (167 A319/ 35 A320/ 2 B737)
  44. By how much increased easyJet's total revenue in May 2011 compared to 2010?
    By 8,1%
  45. How many people are employed by easyJet?
  46. How many pilots are employed by easyJet?
    1900 pilots
  47. What are the financial risks for easyJet?
    Fuel price & currency fluctuations & Liquidity risk.
  48. How many routes does easyJet fly?
    580 routes
  49. How many seats were sold in May 2011?
    28,1 million (increase of 11.1%)
  50. What was the reported profit before tax in 2011?
    248 million pounds
  51. How many passengers flown easyJet in 2011?
    54 million passengers
  52. How many people live within one hour driving of one of easyJet's airports?
    300 million
  53. Of the passenger numbers, how many people were business travelers?
  54. How many airports does easyJet fly to?
  55. In how many countries does easyJet fly?
    30 countries
  56. What is easyJet's vision and how are they going to achieve that?
    • To turn Europe orange by:
    • No compromises on safety
    • Offering low fares to convenient (primary) airports, on convenient times of the day
    • Smart cost management
  57. What is easyJet's business model?
    • easyJet’s vision is to ‘Turn Europe Orange’. This will be achieved by:
    • Ensuring no compromise on safety;
    • Giving our customers low fares to convenient airports at convenient times of the day combined with helpful and friendly service that is reliable and punctual;
    • Smart cost management so we can continue to offer competitive fares;
    • Attracting talented people to easyJet and keeping them with us because easyJet is an enjoyable and challenging place to work; and
    • Delivering a good return to shareholders by focusing on improving margins to achieve a profit per seat of £5.
  58. How can easyJet improve their margins?
    • Driving the business traveler proposition harder.
    • Expand the ancillary revenues (ex. easyJet Holidays)
    • Smart cost management.
  59. How many airplanes did easyJet obtain this financial year?
    13 A319's & 12 A320's
  60. What is the plan with the business traveler?
    easyJet's goal is to obtain an extra 100 pounds from the business travelers, by improvements in product and distribution.
  61. What was the growth in passengers in 2011?
    11.8% to 54.4 million.
  62. What was the load factor in 2011?
  63. Did the disruptions / cancellations / delays increase or decrease?
    Decreased with 46%!!
  64. How is easyJet going to attract more business travelers?
    Deal with Amadeus, leading GDS supplier.
  65. How many travelers are business travelers on easyJet flights?
  66. What is easyJets newest route?
    To Iceland, Reykjavik, will commence 27th of March 2012
  67. Where will the newest base of easyJet be?
  68. How many bases does easyJet have?
    20, will be 23 with Lisbon, Nice and Toulouse in 2012
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