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  1. What are the four Hydrocarbons?
    • 1) Alkanes
    • 2) Alkenes
    • 3) Alkynes
    • 4) Arenes
  2. What are the two groups with sp3 Oxygens?
    • 1) Alcohols
    • 2) Ethers
  3. What are the five functional groups with sp2 Oxygens
    • 1) Aldehydes
    • 2) Ketones
    • 3) Carboxylic Acids
    • 4) Carboxylic Esters (or just Esters)
    • 5) Amides
  4. What are the two functional groups with Nitrogen?
    • 1) Amines
    • 2) Nitriles
  5. Draw and describe an Alkane.
    A hydrocarbon containing only sp3 carbons

  6. Draw and describe an alkene.
    • A hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon double bond.
  7. Draw and describe an alkyne.
    A hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon triple bond.

  8. Draw and describe an arene.
    A six membered ring with three alternating double bonds.

  9. Draw and describe an alkyl halide.
    Contains an sp3 carbon bonded to a halide.

  10. Draw and describe an alcohol.
    Alcohols contain the hydroxy group bond to an sp3 carbon.

  11. Describe and draw an ether.
    An sp3 oxygen with both bonds to carbons.

  12. Draw and describe an aldehyde.
    A carbonyl bonded to one or two hydrogens.

  13. Draw and describe a ketone.
    A carbonyl bonded to two carbons.

  14. Draw and describe a carboxylic acid.
    A carbonyl bonded to a hydroxy component.

  15. Draw and describe an ester.
    A carbonyl bonded to a -OR component.

  16. Draw and describe the three amide combinations.
    A carbonyl bonded to a nitrogen.

  17. Draw and describe the three amine combinations.
    At least one carbon bond to a nitrogen.

  18. Draw and describe a nitrile.
    Contain a carbon-nitrogen triple bond.

  19. Draw a carbonyl component.
  20. Draw a hydroxy component.
  21. Draw an alkoxy component.

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