Dental Assisting mod 130

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  1. In what year was C. Edmund Kells credited with the first practical use of radiographs?
  2. True or False.
    The longer the wavelenght of the x-ray the greater thier energy.
  3. What radiation is created when the primary beam interacts with matter?
  4. What is radiopaque?
    White or Light Gray
  5. What is radiolucent?
  6. The tissue with the highest radiation sensitivity are.
    Small Lymocytes, Bone Marrow, Reproductive cells.
  7. What must be used on all patients for all exposures?
    Lead Apron, Thyroid Collar
  8. True or False.
    Radiographic procedures do not need to be altered because of pregnacy.
  9. For each size film state if it used on adult or child and if it is a interaoral or extraoral film.
    Size # 0 / Size # 2 / Size # 3 / Size # 4
    • Size # 0 = child size Intraoral
    • Size # 2 = Adult size Intraoral
    • Size # 3 = Adult size Intraoral
    • Size # 4 = Adult (sometimes child) size Intraoral
  10. True or False.
    The front side side of the cassette which is made of either plastic or metal to hold and protect the extraoral film must always face the patient.
  11. During film processing which step hardens the film emulsion.
  12. True or False.
    Automatic film processing requires less equipment than manual film processing.
  13. What errors will result in reticulation of film emulsion?
    Sudden temperature change between developers and water bath.
  14. Who owns the patient's radiograph?
  15. If the patient refuses dental radiographs the dental assistant should.
    • 1. Educate patient the importance of radiography
    • 2. Document if patient refuses.
  16. A way to ensure that high quality diagnostic radiographs are being produced is through quality assurance which includes.
    • 1. Quality aministration contral
    • 2. Quality contral test
  17. What type of test is done to check safelight in the darkroom?
    The Coin Test
  18. Name two test perform to check the strengh of the developer.
    • 1. Reference radiograph
    • 2. Stepwedge radiograph
  19. True or False.
    The Dental Assistant is responsible for the overall quality assurance in the dental practice.
    • False
    • The Dentist is ultimately responsible for overall QA.
  20. An adult FMX consists of ___ periapicals and __ -___ bitewings to bring to a total of ____ - ____ films.
    • 14 = Periapicals
    • 4 - 6 = Bite-wings
    • 18 - 20 = Films
  21. State whether each size film is placed in the anterior or posterior region of the mouth.
    Size # 1
    Size # 2
    • Size # 1 = Anterior (child and Adult)
    • Size # 2 = Anterior and Posterior

  22. Which technique should be used if a patient has a small mouth, tori or shallow palate?
    Bisecting Technique
  23. True or False.
    The film must be positioned parallel to the long axis of the tooth to minimize distortion
  24. The central ray is perpendicular to the bisector line in which two techniques?
    • 1. Bite-wing
    • 2. Bisecting
  25. What is overlapping?
    Inorrect Horizontal
  26. What is elongation?
    To little Virtical Angulation
  27. What is foreshortening?
    To much Virtical Angulation
  28. ______ bitewings are taken on an adult which includes shots of two _______ and two _______
    • 4 bitewings
    • 2 premolar
    • 2 molar
  29. True or False.
    The labial mounting method is recommended by the ADA for the mounting of films.
  30. When the patient's teeth are positioned too far back on the bite block the anterior teeth will appear _____.
    Fat and out of focus
  31. True or False.
    the use of the panoramic film allows less radiation exposure as compared to the intraoral radiograghs
  32. To create a digital image the digital radiography utilizes.
    • 1. Intraoral Sensor
    • 2. Computer
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