bio chapter 11

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  1. gene expression
    the activation of a gene that results in the production of Mrna.
  2. homeotic genes
    regualtory genes that determine where certain anatomical structures.
  3. structural gene
    genes that code the polypeptide
  4. homeobox
    the dna sequence in a homeotic geneis called a homeobox
  5. proto-onco gene
    the gene that regualtes the division of cells.
  6. oncogene
    a mutation of the proto-oncogene, causes uncontrolled cell proliferation
  7. tumor
    abnormal proliferation of the cells.
  8. cancer
    uncontrolled growth of cells that can invade other parts of the body.
  9. tumor-suppresssor gene
    acts as a "brake" to supress tumor formation
  10. metastasis
    the spread of cancer cells beyond their original point
  11. carcinogen
    any substance that can promote cancer
  12. carcinoma
    malignant tumors that grow on the skin and the tissues.
  13. sarcoma
    malignant tumors that grow on bone and muscle tissue
  14. lymphoma
    solid tumors that grow in the tissues
  15. leukemia
    uncontrolled production of white blood cells.
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