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  1. What are some reasons for using an inverted inline engine?
    • if the a/c has short landing gear
    • more aerodynamic due to its size
  2. What does GTISO stand for?
    gear reduction, supercharger, fuel injection

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  3. What is the identifier for an air cooled engine?
    There isn't one
  4. What do the following designate on a Recip engine?
    • horz opposed
    • radial
    • fuel injection
    • V type
  5. What do the following designate on a Recip engine?
    • Turbo
    • Supercharged
    • Gear reduction propeller drive
    • Left hand rotation
  6. What do the following designate on a Recip engine?
    • Horz mounted
    • Aerobatic modified engine
  7. Can you still operate a engine if the data plate has been removed?
    • No, according to CAR 201.05
    • (data plate should be in accessible area)
  8. What are the 4 events of the four stroke cycle?
    • Intake
    • compression
    • power
    • exhaust
  9. How can you define stroke?
    distance from TDC to BDC
  10. What is the period of time called when both valves are open?
    valve overlap
  11. 'the ratio of the amount of air entering the cylinder to the amount of air in an equivant volume in the atmosphere' is the definition of what term?
    Volumetric efficiency
  12. How can you define Mean Effictive Pressure?
    Ave. pressure on power stroke
  13. What is one way that max volumetric efficency achieved?
  14. What does the PLANK stand for?
    • P MEP
    • L Length
    • A Area
    • N Number of power strokes per minute
    • K Number of cylinders
  15. It takes a certin amount of indicated horse power to overcome friction, the formula IHP-FHP is used.
    What does FHP stand for?
    • FHP=friction horse power
    • IHP-FHP=Brake Horse Power
  16. What is the formula for indicated hp?
  17. What is the formula for mechanical efficency
  18. Define BHP?
    Power to engine output shaft
  19. What does the dynometer measure?
    • measures torque
    • indicates BHP
  20. When will the MAP be the lowest?
  21. What are 4 factor effective VE?
    • superchargers/turbos
    • intercoolers
    • intake ducting (less restricting)
    • Water meth injestion
  22. Mechanical Efficiency is mainly effected by what? how can it be improved?
    mainly effected by internal friction, improved by luberication and low friction bearings
  23. what is the typical thermal efficicency of a recip engine expressed as a percent?
  24. Where are the thermal efficiencies lost on a recip engine?
    • exhaust (majority)
    • prop
    • friction
    • cooling
  25. What prevents the oil from leaking out around the engine split line on a horz opposed?
    silk thread
  26. What does BSFC stand for
    Brake specific fuel consumption-overall effienciency
  27. What engine configuration uses a master and articulating rods?
  28. What engine config uses a fork and blade?
    V type
  29. What design features are incorperated into pistons to reduce wear?
    pins allowed to move side to side
  30. Why are cam ground pistons used?
    allows for thermal expansion when engine is at operating temperature
  31. How do you measure the gap on piston rings?
    feeler gauge
  32. what are the three styles of piston ring joints
    • butt
    • step
    • angle
  33. if you have chrome cylinders, what type of rings can piston rings could you use?
    Cast iron rings
  34. What info is on the engine data plate?
    Model, power rating, type cert, manuf name, serial #
  35. Where does the majority of power loss go?
  36. What is the purpose of choked cylinders?
    allows for thermal expansion
  37. What does the blue or orange marks on the cylinder walls indicate?
    • blue-nitride
    • orange-chrome
  38. What are the four different valve shapes?
    • Tulip
    • Semi tulip
    • mushroom
    • flat head
  39. Why do valves have 2 springs
    to avoid resination frequency
  40. How are valves held in place?
    with a split key (sping loaded closed)
  41. What will the valve do if you have to much clearence between the valve and rocker arm?
    valve will open late and close early
  42. What is the purpose of prop reduction gearing?
    reduces the speed of the prop so you can have high RPM (more power strokes)
  43. What are the three different styles of prop attachments?
    • Flange
    • ttapered
    • splined
  44. List five factors that affect power?
    • Detnotation/pre ignition
    • fuel octane rating
    • compression ratio
    • ignition timing
    • fuel/air ratio
  45. whats the most efficient air/fuel mixture by weight?
  46. What mixture setting would you be at during take off?
    Full rich
  47. What is defined as a square engine?
    Bore and stroke are equal
  48. What is an over square engine?
    • bore wider than stroke
    • stroke longer than bore
  49. How does a constant speed engine increase power?
    vary pitch angle
  50. What is the best indication of engine power output on a constant speed engines?
  51. in a constant speed engine what controls the
    • Throttle
    • Pitch Control
    • Mixture
  52. What are some design features used by the engine baffles?
    • Baffles forces air to flow past the cylinders
    • uses venturi to create a low pressure system under the engine
  53. On a constant speed engine, if RPM goes up,What will happen to MAP?
    MAP will drop because the throttle plate stays in the same position
  54. What is the formula for BSFC?
    Fuel Burned in lbs/hr / BHP
  55. What is the purpose of dynamic balance?
    Reduce torsional viberations
  56. What is another name for a plain bearing?
  57. What happens with to much piston ring gap?
    to little
    • blow by
    • heats up and breaks
  58. What would you do if detonation occours during a climb?
    increase RPM
  59. What is the function of dynamic dampers?
    used on crankshafts to dampen torsional viberation
  60. How does luberication get from the hydraulic lifters to the rocker arm shafts?
    inside push rod tubes
  61. What are the two types of overhauls ?
    • Serviceable Limits
    • Manufacturers limits
  62. If your engine is on condition, what are you required to do to ensure that the engine is serviceable?
    100 hours you must go through an inspection
  63. What does SMOH
    STOH stand for
    • since major overhaul
    • since top overhaul
  64. What are some of the reasons for a top overhaul?
    • cylinder compression to low
    • excessive oil consumption
    • engine run with incorrect fuel
    • exposure to volcanic ash
  65. What are some of the factors to determine the health of the engine at a 100 hour inspection?
    • compression
    • bore scope
    • spark plug-one of the main indicators
    • oil pressure
    • oil consumption
    • viberation
    • fuel consuption
  66. When doing a compression test, what is the max difference between cylinders?
    • 5psi
    • less than 65 psi is unacceptable
    • or greater than 60 psi but all cylinders must be with in 5psi of each other
  67. Why are recip cylinders required to be within 5 psi of each other?
    reduce viberation
  68. What are 3 causes of low compression?
    • intake/exhaust valve leakage
    • piston rings
  69. What are the two different ways to measure compression?
    differential and direct
  70. What does differential pressure measure?
    • the leakage in the cylinders
    • one gauge indicates the pressure going into the cylinder, the other indicates pressure how much pressure remains
  71. what does direct testing measure cylinder pressure?
    measures the actual pressure in the cylinder
  72. With Valve clearence, what happens when the valves have excessive clearence? too little clearence?
    • excessive-reduces valve opening duration and overlap
    • too little clearence-period of valve overlap is lenghtened
  73. When would hydraulic lock occour?
    when oil or liquid fuel accumulates or pools in the lower cylinders ex Radials
  74. How can you tell if the engine has hydraulic lock?
    abnormail amount of effort required to rotate prop
  75. How can hydraulic lock be overcome?
    remove spark plug and rotate engine in the direction of rotation
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