Post Classical Essential Terms Part 2.1

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  1. Wendi
    a member of a prominent north Chinese noble family; he later seized control through his daughter from his son-in-law
  2. neo-confucianism
  3. jinshi
    title granted to students who passed the most difficult chinese exam over Chinese literature. Became dignitaries and were eligible for high office.
  4. Jurchens
    founder of Qin Kingdom that suceeded the Liao in northern China; annexed most of the Yellow River Basin and forced Song to flee South
  5. junks
    Chinese ships equipped w/ water tight bullheads, stern post rudders, compasses and bamboo fenders; dominated asian seas east of Malayan peninsula
  6. flying money
    • Chinese credit instrument that provided credit vouchers to merchants to be redeemed at the end of the voyage
    • reduced robbery,
    • early form of money
  7. Changan
    • Capital of Tang dynasty; 2 mil pop
    • larger than any city at the time
  8. Heian
    • Capital city of Japan under Yamato rulers (Kyoto)
    • Built to escape Buddhist monk influence
    • Patterened after Chinese imperial centers
    • Never fully Popluated
  9. samurai
    • mounted troops of the Bushi
    • Loyal to local lords, not emperor
  10. bakufu
    military government established by the Minamoto following Gempei Wars, Centered of Kamakura, retained emperors, BUT power remained in goverment and samurai
  11. shogun
    military leader of bakufu
  12. daimyo
    warlord ruler of 300 small states following Onin war and disruption of Ashinago Shogunate; holdings consoldated into unified and bounded ministates
  13. Choson
    • earliest Korean Kingdom
    • conquered by Han emperor 109 BCE
  14. Sinification
    • extendive adoption of Chinese culture in other regions
    • typical of Korea & Japan BUT less Vietnam
  15. Silla
    • Independant Korean kingdom in south eastern part of Peninsula
    • Defeated Koguryo along with their Chinese Tang allies, submitted as a vassal of Tang empire and tribute payment
    • Ruled united Korea
  16. Nguyen
    • Rival vietnamese dynasty that arose in nortern vietnam to challenge traditional dynasty of Trinh in the north at Hanoi kingdom centered on red and mekong rivers
    • Capital at Hue
  17. Trung sisters
    • Leaders of the frequent peasant rebellion in Vietnam against Chinese rule
    • 39 CE
    • emphasized importance of Vietnamese women in indigenious society
  18. Chinggis Khan
    • Born 1170s after death of Kabul Khan
    • Elected khagan of all Mongol tribes in 1206
    • Conquered northern kingdoms of China
    • died 1227 before conquest Islamic world
  19. Karakorum
    capital of Mongol empire under Chinggis Khan
  20. Batu
    • Ruler of Golden Hordes
    • One of Chinggis Khan's grandsons
    • Respnsible for invasion Russia 1236
  21. Ogadei
    • Third son Chinggis Khan
    • Sucedded Chinggis Khan as khagan of Mongols after father's death
  22. Golden Horde
    One of the four regional subdivisions of the Mongol Empire after Chinggis Khan died, located in todays south central Russia
  23. Ilkhan khanate
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