Comparative Test 4 (D2)

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  1. The _____ is the connecting segment between pharynx and stomach.
  2. _____ is lined by stratified epithelium.
  3. Describe the glands of the esophagus.
    There are no large glands.
  4. What are some special structures of the esophagus?
    Papillae, folds, and crops.
  5. Describe the location and function of the crop.
    A sac in the caudal portion of the esophagus found in grain and seed eating vertabrates, especially birds.
  6. What is a sphincter?
    Bands of smooth muscle that close off the openings to and from the stomach.
  7. Describe the location and function of gastric glands.
    • They are simple tubular glands.
    • Usually located in body and fundus of stomach.
    • Secrete HCL and pepsinogen, involved in protein digestion.
  8. Describe the location and structure of the gizzard.
    Specialized posterior region of stomach wall, which is thick, muscular, and proteinacerous.
  9. The anterior portion of the gizzard becomes known as the _____.
  10. In what animals can the gizzard be found?
    • Birds
    • Some fish
    • Some reptiles (crocodilians)
  11. What is the function of ruminant stomachs?
    adapted to process large amounts of cellulose.
  12. What are the four cow stomachs?
    • Rumen
    • Reticulum
    • Omasum
    • Abomasum
  13. Which of the four stomachs are lined with stratified epithelium?
    • Rumen
    • Reticulum
    • Omasum
  14. Which of the four stomachs are lined with columnar epithelium?
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