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  1. Cabal
    a secret group seeking to overturn something
  2. Cacophony
    harsh, jarring noise
  3. Calumny
    a false and malicious accusation; misrepresentation
  4. Canard
    a lie
  5. Candid
    impartial and honest in speech
  6. Capricious
    changing one's mind quickly and often
  7. Cartography
    science or art of making maps
  8. Castigate
    to punish or criticize harshly
  9. Catalyst
    something that brings about a change in something else
  10. Catholic
    universal broad and comprehensive
  11. Caustic
    biting in wit
  12. Chaos
    great disorder or confused situation
  13. Chauvinist
    someone prejudiced in favor of a group to which he or she belongs
  14. Chicanery
    deception by means of craft or guile
  15. Circumspect
    cautious; aware of potential consequences
  16. Cloying
    sickly sweet; excessive
  17. Coalesce
    to grow together to form a single whole
  18. Coffer
    strongbox; large chest for money
  19. Cogent
    convincing and well-reasoned
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