social psychology ch.9-12 notes

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  1. prejudice
    is an attitude (favorable or not favorable), a negative attitude toward a group of its members, a pre-judgment
  2. stereotypes
    are cognitions/beliefs, beliefs about attributes of a group or its members, usually exaggerations or over-generalizations
  3. discrimination
    a behavior, a negative behavior toward a group or its members
  4. displaced frustration
  5. Realistic Group Conflict Theory
    competition for scarce resources
  6. categorization
    based on age, gender, race
  7. outgroup homogeneity
    the tendency to think that members of other groups are fairly similar
  8. ingroup heterogenity
    the tendency to perceive quickly the differences among members of one's own group
  9. biased comparisons
    when comparing ingroups with outgroups, we only compare them on a few prominent features
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social psychology ch.9-12 notes
social psychology ch.9-12 notes
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